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Favorite, recommended animé

There’s a lot of Japanese animation out there. For a long time I had felt that Hayao Miyazaki was the pinnacle. However, during the last few years I’ve discovered others that share space on the top of the mountain of animé. Whether created by Miyazaki or not, these are worth watching over again! This is […]

Dropped animé series

There are so many animé television series. Many are gems, but several just cannot maintain my interest or attention. I’ve noticed that after watching the first (infrequently the second) disc, I’ll decide to continue with or drop a series. Usually I get that feeling of Meh where I wind up finding the plots, characters or […]


The feature-length animé Paprika has been my favorite movie this year. (Easily surpassing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, fun as it was, as well as the films seen at Cinequest. Yes, I rarely go out for movies.) Directed by Satoshi Kon, who worked on Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent, it contains his […]