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Food and loathing

Mediocre restaurants are unavoidable. But some of the baddies, ah, how they stick in my mind. Some of these are favorites for some of my friends. Oh well! To each their own (1).

Local Ethiopian restaurants

I love eating with my hands. Considering my hand-washing compulsion, it’s ironic yet compatible. Combine that with spicy food, and Ethiopian cuisine can winningly satisfy me. Some standbys and favorites: Injera, a teff based flatbread that’s sour, spongey and soft. A good collection of vegetarian dishes, such as kik alicha (yellow split peas), atakilt wot […]

Local Salvadoran restaurants, pupuserías

Oh, how I love pupusas: The creaminess of cheese and masa, with tidbits of chicken if I’m lucky. A fine reason to seek out eateries that focus on food from El Salvador. Not quite as well-known as Mexican food, Salvadoran cuisine tends towards the mild. The Salvadoran version of horchata is the next-most-important thing. I […]

Farewell: Restaurants closed in 2006

Last year witnessed the closure of some wonderful restaurants. From this group, Brigitte’s will be sorely missed. 🙁 Brigitte’s: French Mediterranean, Gourmet and Healthy Cuisine. Santa Clara, CA. This became our favorite French restaurant in the Bay Area. Fresh ingredients, often locally produced or organic. Innovative menu which changed daily to fit the seasons and […]

Yummy Bay Area eateries which are closed, sadly

There are quite a few restaurants I miss because they are no longer open. Sniff. Since this article is derived from my old 1.0 site, it provides a historical perspective. After all, the previous cooks or owners might have opened newer places!

Dreadful eateries which are closed, thankfully

Here is an old list of restaurants, now closed, where my tastebuds were abused. Yes, rather negative, but I wish to include this entry (from my old 1.0 site) for historical accuracy. (On the plus side, it is a really short list!) It would be rather amusing if the people who ran these places opened […]