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Sautéed fava beans with shallots

Yesterday I harvested the last of the fava beans (a.k.a., broad beans). This task reminded me of something: that I haven’t posted a recipe where said legume is the main ingredient. I’ve long been inspired by an appetizer, foul moukala, that we had at a Lebanese restaurant, Al Waha — all the way in Bayswater, […]

Local Ethiopian restaurants

I love eating with my hands. Considering my hand-washing compulsion, it’s ironic yet compatible. Combine that with spicy food, and Ethiopian cuisine can winningly satisfy me. Some standbys and favorites: Injera, a teff based flatbread that’s sour, spongey and soft. A good collection of vegetarian dishes, such as kik alicha (yellow split peas), atakilt wot […]

Back from the U.K.

Hiatus explanation: I’m back from vacation in the United Kingdom. We went to London, Cumbria (the Lakes District), Simon’s cousin’s wedding in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Edinburgh. Quite enjoyable, where the pluses greatly outweighed the minuses. Two-bit summaries below! Strange but pleasant observation upon returning home: I thought the 5.6M earthquake in San José would’ve at least […]

Early-ish travel photos

I had uploaded these travel pictures some time ago, but only now remembered to “announce” them. The trip to the Philippines in early 1997 marked my first overseas venture. I used my then-falling apart, now-defunct Ricoh SLR camera. I originally digitized the pictures with a flatbed scanner (thanks, Jed!), but I’d like to redo it […]

Blame It on Monterey Bay

Haiku and other snippets memorializing a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Wedenesday, 24 April 1996. A collaboration between yours truly and Morrisa Sherman.