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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Cream of Mushroom Soup

I enjoy a good creamy mushroom soup, preferably not from a can. The secret here is sautéing the mushrooms so that they become browned and aromatic. The addition of wine, almonds and thyme make the soup so rich and tasty for me that cream is optional.

Chicken Bstilla

Here is my slightly lazier version of bstilla (a.k.a., b’stilla), a savory pie with chicken, eggs and almonds. Well, lazier in the sense that its form is more like baklava in a pan, rather than the beautifully decorated disk you’d get at a Morrocan restaurant. This recipe does take a while to prepare: Over an […]

Graham Cracker Crust

Here’s my version of the graham cracker crust. It doesn’t need pre-baking, and it’s great for creamy custardy tarts like cheesecake, chocolate chestnut torte or key lime pie. This recipe makes for a thick crust in a 9 or 10 inch pan. I avoid the graham cracker brands with the sugary cinnamon topping; but if […]

Chocolate Chestnut Torte

Recently updated on 10 December 2011. This newer version does away with having to separate the eggs. 🙂 This is my variation of Sunset’s Italian Chocolate-Chestnut Torte. I’ve used sweetened chestnut vanilla purée instead of marrons glacées: either the Minerve or Clément Faugier’s brands could be found in European specialty shops, as well as at […]

The Ultimate Slide

Photos from Carsten Höller’s slide installation at the Tate Modern. Wish I could play on that!

Update tests with Vienna

[Update] So it turns out that Vienna refreshes new articles from the last 24 hours. Expunging articles that are older than the last 24 hours should get rid of them, unless (again) there’ve been changes to either the article URL or title. In addition, according to the Vienna support forum, some blogs aren’t configured properly […]

testing ecto & MarsEdit

[Update] I’ve decided to go with MarsEdit. While it has a few issues (not respecting settings for password protected or private posts in WordPress, afaict), MarsEdit does the bulk of what I need to get done for blog writing, with a simple, clear user interface. Testing ecto 2.4.1 in rich text mode. Observations so far: […]