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Media consumption in 2022 (abridged)

Oof, better late than never? My 2022 media listing is abridged, compared with previous media listings (i.e., in the last few years): For short fiction I list only works for which I had given 10 out of 10. I usually list everything I rated 9 and higher (in my handy-dandy spreadsheets), but if I do that this time, it’d take even longer to publish!

I use links to my Goodreads shelves, instead of manually listing every book here. The works I finished in 2022 covers most longer fiction and non-fiction books, some graphic novels, a few shorter works, and my did not finish (DNF) lists. Unfortunately, Goodreads doesn’t easily offer a way to filter shelves based on genres, such as delineating fiction from non-fiction.

N.B. I connect only with persons on Goodreads that I know IRL.

I’ll continue listing webcomics, comics, and some DNF works not listed on Goodreads, and short fiction.

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Movies, television, and other video

Best series ever: The Owl House (also on Disney Now) and Ms. Marvel. Also loads of fun: Turning Red and the Baymax! shorts series.

My favorite movies released in 2022 were The Glass Onion and Everything Everywhere All at Once. TGO portrayed the myth of the billionaire “genius” with such sweet, sweet schadenfreude. EEAAO appealed to my Third Culture heart, with its rage, compassion, and luscious surrealism.

Comics & Art Monographs

The 💡 (lightbulb icon) indicates a recommendation for a given comic or art monogram. Again, what I include here are works that are (afaik) not listed within Goodreads. Additionally, these don’t include ongoing webcomics that I’ve mentioned in earlier media posts, as that list is long

Dorian Alexander and Jeremy Raab. Heretics of the Fathomless Realms (2022, issues #1 and #2).

Couscous Collective (Chloe Dalquist, Shaenon K. Garrity, Pancha Diaz, Evan Waldinger, Karen Luk, Jason Thompson, and Liz Conley). Monsters.

Daniel Martin Díaz. Vanished Technologies.

Kyacchan. Steam & Guns (completed).

Fan team for Legend of Genji. The Legend of Genji (unfinished).

Light Grey Art Lab. The End Is Nigh (anthology, 2021).

Zorika Gaeta. Where No One Goes, Where No One Lives, Where No One Grows, and No One Else (completed).

Marco Antonio Piana and Caterina Capogrossi. Big Empty Blue (ongoing).

Emily Riesbeck & Bitmap Prager. Mountain (completed).

💡 ND Stevenson. “This Place Was Home“: A Boba Fett fan comic (2022, completed).

Shorter Fiction, Podcasts & Poetry

I list only short stories (including novelettes) that I enjoyed enough to recommend, since I listen to dozens upon dozens each year. I’ve added links to almost all of them, so that you can read them online for free, if you prefer text over audio. I’ve added the original publication dates, when I find them.

Again, I regularly listen (or read) shorts from the following podcasts and publishers:

Dan Atkinson. “Said the Princess” (2012).

Derrick Boden. “Migratory Patterns of the Modern American Skyscraper” (2022).

Marie Brennan. “Fate, Hope, Friendship, Foe” (2022).

Laurence Raphael Brothers. “Houseproud” (2016).

Avi Burton. “Build-A-Body” (2022).

Octavia E. Butler. “The Book of Martha” (2005).

Brandon Case. “Bee of Ganymede” (2022).

Beth Cato. “The Recipe Keeper” (2022).

John Chu. “If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You” (novelette, 2022).

AnaMaria Curtis. “The Last Truth,” also read by LeVar Burton (2022).

Megan M. Davies-Ostrom. “The Rainmakers” (2021).

Deborah L. Davitt. “We Are All of Us” (2020)

E.J. Delaney. “Forbidden Voices” (2022).

Douglas DiCicco. “Laser Squid Goes House Hunting” (2022).

Sarah Beth Durst. “Curses and Cake” (2022).

Louis Evans. “And I Will Make Thy Name Great (2022).

Ana Gardner. “Simons, Far and Near” (2022).

Beth Goder. “The Cinnamon Thread” (2022).

Gabrielle Harbowy. “The Dybbuk Ward” (2022).

Andrew Hiller. “Half-Lives” (2022).

Millie Ho. “Mirrors” (poem, 2022).

Jennifer Hudak. “The Cat Lady and the Petitioner” (2020).

Brian Hugenbruch. “The Princess, NP” (2022).

Heather Kilbourn. “Through the Mirror” (2022).

Kristen Koopman. “This Is Our Get-Along Brainship” (2022).

M. L. Krishnan. “Bride, Knife, Flaming Horse” (2021).

Naomi Kritzer. “The Dragon Project” (2022).

Ann LeBlanc. “Across the River, My Heart, My Memory” (2021).

Darcie Little Badger. “Robo-Liopleurodon!” (2018).

Arthur Liu. “Commencement Address” (2017).

Cara Mast. “Excuse Me, this is the Quiet Car” (2022).

Maureen McHugh. “The Goldfish Man” (2022).

Rati Mehrotra. “Magnificent Maurice, or the Flowers of Immortality” (2020), via CatsCast.

Jo Miles. “Scientists Confirm: There’s a Black Hole in the Center of Your Heart” (2022).

Devin Miller. “A Partial Record of Enchanted Cheeses I’ve Fed My Wife” (2021).

MKRNYILGLD. “The CRISPR Cookbook: A Guide to Biohacking Your Own Abortion in a Post-Roe World” (2022).

Marshall J. Moore. “Daisies” (2022), via CatsCast.

Riley Neither. “A Portal” (2022).

Malka Older. “The Badger’s Digestion; or The First First-Hand Description of Deneskan Beastcraft by an Aouwan Researcher” (novelette, 2021).

Susan Palwick. “Picnic, with Monster” (2022).

Charlotte Platt. “Tin Opener” (2022), via CatsCast.

Katherine Quevedo. “Song of the Balsa Wood Bird” (2021).

Sally Saltzman. “The Book That Wasn’t” (2022).

Effie Seiberg. “The Travel Guide to the Dimension of Lost Things” (2022).

Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt. “Lockdown Around the Christmas Tree” (2022).

Arturo Sierra. “Universal Archive of Human History: FAQ” (2022).

Vandana Singh. “Left to Die” (2022).

Leora Spitzer. “This Excessive Use of Pickled Foods” (2022).

Michelle Tang. “Vi’Hun Heal” (2022).

Fatima Taqvi. “Baba Nowruz Gives His Wife a Flower Only Once a Year” (2022).

Lavie Tidhar. “The Portal Keeper” (2022).

Sabrina Vourvoulias. “The Memory of Chemistry” (2022).

John Wiswell. “The Tyrant Lizard (and Her Plus One)” (2021) and “Alien Invader or Assistive Device?” (2020).


DNF shelf on Goodreads. Sort by date read or date added to see recently shelved items.

Kevin Belou. Tempo.

Alex de Campi, Skylar Patridge, and Kelly Fitzpatrick. Reversal (ongoing).

Peter Shiao et al. Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen and The Adept.

Magnolia Porter Siddell. The Golden Boar (ongoing).

K. Lynn Smith. House of Lowther (ongoing).

Xiao Tong “Velinxi” Kong and Mei (Meintaikoo). Countdown to Countdown (ongoing).