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Upgrading to WordPress 2.2

WordPress 2.2 came out this week. I did a local test, and at first glance it looks like it’d go quickly. So far the only tweaks needed will be updating vars.php (or the appropriate file in WP 2.2) for my smiley customizations (oh so critical, tee hee), and a weird theme thingie in the entry-meta <div>.

I’m eager to see if the new Atom 1.0 implementation will help readers who’ve experienced feed weirdness in the past. Specifically, erratic article updates to posts which have (and, strangely, have not) been edited. Of course, the behavior could be due to “expected features” or bugs in RSS client applications. Or, it could somehow be RSS 2.0 weirdness on my end. 😐

In addition, my primary plugins seem fine in WP 2.0. Yay! Speaking of which, I decided while running WP 2.1.x to stop using the WP-Cache plugin. The performance gain, while nice, is not worth dealing with the various limitations which accompany it. (For example, caching would likely interfere with the random image generation on this site. Not to mention my propensity to edit posts.) This is reinforced by the developer’s decision to suspend future work on it (according to his wp-cache 2.1.1 article), due to time constraints.

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