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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, weeks 17 & 18

There hasn’t been much remodeling activity, in part due to the rain-rain-rainy weather. However, a few key things were taken care of.

We were happy to find a color for the living-dining room, then paint it ourselves. That just leaves the den-entryway, hallway and new bathroom — eventually. Also, we had two sun tubes installed in the new hallway, the darkest region of the house. They’re only 10 inches in diameter, but wow, do they bring in a lot of light!

In addition, the counter tops were finally installed, after some delay in either fabrication or shipment (or both). The result, though: beauteous.

counter tops and a door

Zodiaq and Caesarstone are two of the more popular brands of engineered quartz, but we lucked out by seeing samples of Legacy, a similar material by the Verona Marble Company. We wanted a dark grey, but not too dark, with a grain that was neither too fine nor too chunky. Legacy’s “Africa” fit the bill perfectly. For contrast, we got a lighter grey surface with the same variable granularity for the island counter tops, called “White Ash” by Caesarstone.

It was also good to finally get a door installed between the kitchen and garage, as seen in the above photo. The door really helps cut down on drafts, especially after Simon sprayed in insulating foam between its frame and the drywall. There’s still a sizeable gap at the bottom of the door, but that should be fixed after the floor is installed.

Unfortunately, the shower in the new bathroom had to be redone by repositioning the pan against the studs, so that the (future) surrounding surface will be flush against both the pan and the greenboard. (We learned that a shower pan should ideally go in before any greenboard, and of course before setting tiles. In our case, though, the shower pan was installed after the drywall phase.) This also means repairing the floors tiles that were so carefully installed a couple weeks ago. 🙁

Again, you may see more photographs at the gallery. There are three pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to weeks 17 and 18.

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