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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 1

The first week of construction had a lot going: All of the demolition, excavation for the addition, some initial interior framing, and forms for the addition. The addition — the future dining-living room and part of the new kitchen — will replace for the Ugly Back Room, at the same location but with a slightly wider footprint.

Onward to the pictures! As usual, more at the gallery.

A temporary “skylight” during the removal of the old roof tiles.

a view of the sky through old roof

Bam! No more Ugly Back Room. The debris was hauled off, of course.

demolished back room

Semi-invisible hallway, with purposefully missing chimney.

interior framing, week 1: hallway

They started to put up forms, which will become a wooden frame mold for the new foundation.

forms, day 5

I’m a bit late in posting this entry, since it’s now the second week of remodeling. I continue to blame the Neverending Upper Respiratory Crud of Doom which slows me down far too much. Throw in the current chaos of living in a half-house, and the inevitable cram of selecting More Things, and, well, you get the picture. 😉 I’ll try to maintain weekly updates, nevertheless. They just might not be…timely.

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