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The Grand Remodel: Pictures before construction

Wondering what the remodeled portions of the house looked like before they were torn down? Go ahead and check out the gallery, but I’ve included some summary pictures here.

The back yard (outdoors) view of the back room that was torn down. This region will be replaced with a Newer, Better addition that’ll include the new dining-living room, and part of the new kitchen. In addition, solar panels will be installed on the roof of the addition.

backroom, outside (before)

The front living room with the useless fireplace. This will become a somewhat smaller den-like entryway, to accommodate a new hallway and path to the kitchen.

front living room (before)

The retro kitchen. It was literally from the 1950s. The doorway and “window” on the left side open to the Ugly Back Room

old kitchen

The Ugly Back Room. This monstrosity was built during the 1960s. And yes, it managed to pass inspection back then. Why the hell wasn’t it placed on a raised foundation to match the rest of the house? Probably because it was cheaper and easier.

ugly backroom (before demolition)

This room is now no more. >:-)

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