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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sally Lunn bread, version 2.0

It’d been nearly a decade since I’ve felt confident about making Sally Lunn bread again. The last time I tried to bake it, about a couple of years ago, it was dense and unpleasantly over-yeasty. I thought I had lost my touch. Then I decided to weigh out the flour, review Marion Cunningham’s Sally Lunn […]

Favorite, recommended animé

There’s a lot of Japanese animation out there. For a long time I had felt that Hayao Miyazaki was the pinnacle. However, during the last few years I’ve discovered others that share space on the top of the mountain of animé. Whether created by Miyazaki or not, these are worth watching over again! This is […]

An extremely untraditional cassoulet involving green lentils

I often enjoy dishes made with chickpeas and lentils. But my répertoire is deficient in recipes where these delightful legumes participate. So this brings me to the cassoulet, or rather “cassoulet,” which I recently made. The only vaguely French ingredients are green lentils (from France, yet not the Flageolet beans of traditional cassoulet), duck confit, […]

Tea resources

Many of you know how much I love drinking tea, not to mention having afternoon tea. Here are some tea resources I’ve used over the years. (I’ll post another entry on tea rooms later on.) Now if I could just find a source of clotted cream produced in the United States. Yeah, good luck there.

Splogger slimeys

I haven’t found a good tool (or set of tools) that deters blog scrapers. That is, short of trying to manually block them the “old fashioned” way by adding filters to a server’s .htaccess, or submitting to an online anti-splog database (see last paragraph). The problem with the .htaccess route is that maintaining a list […]