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The stand mixer makes quick(er) work of brioche. I use some sourdough starter for flavor, as well wholegrain flours. This recipe is dedicated to Jeremy F., who has requested it.


I don’t bake or eat quick breads that often, so it has taken a while for me to get around posting one of my favorites, cornbread. When I discovered blue corn flour (finely ground cornmeal) back in the 1990s, I went nuts making cornbread…then stopped for some reason. I think the following recipe has a […]

Brazilian cheese puffs: pão de queijo

I adapted this from Simply Recipes. I didn’t use a mini-muffin pan since I don’t have one, and I increased the amount of cheese. As Elise Bauer points out, the resulting cheese bread puffs are like crispy mochi popovers. Or, alternatively, like a South American version of gougères.

Waffles from sourdough yeast starter

Finally! After a botched attempt at making waffles from my yeast starters, I believe this a decent recipe that works. Many thanks are due to Smitten Kitchen’s essential raised waffles. My variation has different ingredient proportions to accommodate using the wet starter. I also use different flours because, in spite of having far too many […]

Multigrain Pullman, rustic loaf, or pizza dough from a starter

To make a Pullman loaf, which is a bread shaped perfectly for sandwiches and toast, I use the same recipe as the multigrain sourdough loaf, with these changes: Use a heavy-gauge Pullman measuring 4 by 4 by 9 inches, but without the lid, to encourage height. I like the USA Pan brand made of aluminized […]

A crusty, multigrain sourdough loaf of bread

For the past few years I’ve been playing around with a couple sourdough starters I created, and I’m amused to note that, except on a very few occasions, I’ve ended up using starters instead of packaged yeast for my yeast-based baking needs. It’s really nice to be able to produce one’s own bread. It’s especially […]

Bread pudding with apples

I had a bread disaster, using a starved sourdough starter for a Sally Lunn. The bread came out rubbery. In spite of that texture, it was filled with bubbles, so not a complete brick. Bread pudding ended up a great way to repurpose the failed Sally Lunn. I’ve always enjoyed the pudding from the Station […]

Sally Lunn bread, version 2.0

It’d been nearly a decade since I’ve felt confident about making Sally Lunn bread again. The last time I tried to bake it, about a couple of years ago, it was dense and unpleasantly over-yeasty. I thought I had lost my touch. Then I decided to weigh out the flour, review Marion Cunningham’s Sally Lunn […]

Basic bread recipe for sandwiches and focaccia (and pizza)

It’s been years since I baked yeast-based breads. Glad I’ve picked up the habit again! Having focaccia to snack on, or just a decent loaf for sandwiches, makes for comforting (not to mention tastier and fresher) eats. The dough is versatile, so I also use it for pizzas. Three cookbooks aided me in my rediscovery […]

Sally Lunn bread

This is a rich, slightly sweet bread. Could this be a British variation of brioche? It’s perfect for breakfast or tea, and leftovers are yummy when toasted. Although this bread is yeast based and requires time to raise twice, it’s a batter bread which doesn’t need kneading.