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Chai, version 2.0

Okay, I think this is an improvement over version 1.0 of my chai recipe. While the spices still need optimization (i.e., to attain southern Indian resto quality), it is better. Part of what greatly helps is the use of evaporated milk (but not sweetened condensed). You might ask, “Why not use fresh whole milk, rather […]

Tea resources

Many of you know how much I love drinking tea, not to mention having afternoon tea. Here are some tea resources I’ve used over the years. (I’ll post another entry on tea rooms later on.) Now if I could just find a source of clotted cream produced in the United States. Yeah, good luck there.

Roasted corn and barley tea

When I’m at a Korean restaurant I try to get roasted corn (oksusu cha) or roasted barley (bori cha) tea. Both have a refreshing earthy flavor, without any caffeine. Even though it’s no longer summer over here, the teas are great chilled for the hot Californian days. My version combines both corn and barley. The […]

Green tea soy milk

This drink was inspired by Samovar’s soy matcha shake, which became my gateway soy milk drink. You could use any green tea powder. Matcha is the one used in the Japanese tea ceremony, and tends to be slightly bitter and earthy. Sencha or kabuse green tea powder, often sold in single serving packets as a […]

Tea with mint & cardamom

I love tea, but am just not a fan of flavored tea, with its clashing fruity or cloying, perfumy permutations. There are, however, big exceptions: chai, and tea with mint and cardamom. The latter is quite refreshing, whether it’s served hot or cold. Excellent as an accompaniment for lunch or dinner, especially with Mediterranean or […]

La conmemoración de la celebración

Today marks the anniversary of one the best parties I’ve attended: our wedding reception. I rarely post about personal things, but after the event happened I kept thinking of writing about our vendor experiences. So after a year of mulling it over, here it is. >:-) Most notably, I recommend the photographer and florist we […]


For me, the best chai comes from a couple south Indian restaurants, Dasaprakash and Saravana Bhavan. (I’m usually disappointed by the Americanized café take on this drink: too bland or too cloying.) This recipe is certainly not perfect, but it’s a start. Use a full flavored, fermented black tea like Assam, Ceylon or English Breakfast. […]