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Upgraded veryplaintxt theme for WordPress

After over three weeks of tweaking and testing, I’ve upgraded the WordPress theme for this site. As mentioned earlier, the theme is a customized variant of Scott Wallick’s excellent veryplaintxt v3.0.

The theme hacking took up much of my time for the past few weeks, hence the infrequent posts. (Fortunately faster than the several months to get this site to the 2.0 stage! Although now I’m hankering a good merge tool. Smultron has a swell split-screen feature, but no diff tool. TextWrangler’s Find Differences feature works, in a pinch.) Let me know if you encounter any (new) issues while viewing or interacting with this blog.

Update (2pm-ish): The Filosofo Comments Preview plugin used for this blog causes the comment section, sidebar and footer to disappear, so I’ve turned it off for now. This might be due to Dreamhost’s ongoing PHP upgrade process, as I had experienced this before.

Update (11pm-ish): Turns out it’s actually a conflict with that WordPress plugin and the newer version of PHP. Many grateful thanks to Austin Matzko (author of Filosofo Comments Preview) for taking time to debug this, and providing workarounds to get this essential feature of my site running again!

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