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Upgrading to WordPress 2.1, etc.

WordPress has recently been upgraded to 2.1. I’ve been testing it on my local setup (thanks to MAMP) for the past few weeks, and found that upgrading from 2.0.x is rather easy. I found hitches with only a couple of my plugins, Antileech and Link Library. Even the theme used, a somewhat modified version of veryplaintxt v2.3, works fine. The main project on the horizon, which is fortunately independent of upgrading the WordPress core files, would be deciding how to approach veryplaintxt v3.

Update: I had been experiencing some comment moderation weirdness, which turns out to be a bug in wp-cache v2.0.22 when using WordPress 2.1.

Being the lists fan that I am, here’s my current plan of action:

  1. Upgrade this site to WordPress 2.1. Disable wp-cache plugin for the time being; remember to comment out the WP-CACHE directive in wp-config.php. Update (29 January): Went smoothly!
  2. Upgrade wp-cache once the comment caching bug is fixed.
  3. Modify Antileech options so that a broken icon no longer appears for the badge when accessing article via the feed. Also keep an eye out for plugin updates. Update (29 January): Oddly not a problem, so didn’t have to change the option. Likely a weird issue with my local test environment.
  4. Tweak Link Library so that my Resources page displays just so. Update (29 January): Done. My gratitude to Yannick Lefebvre for updating his plugin to be WP 2.1-savvy!
  5. After veryplaintxt v3 is released, upgrade and/or merge my theme customizations.

I imagine that the phase concerning the theme modification will take a while to complete. After all, theme hacking was the most time consuming part of my site revision from 1.0 to 2.0. (Other than the data migration from flat static files to database articles —which is mostly done, though a few bits still remain.)


  1. Anita wrote:

    I hope you’re having more success than we are: The 2.1 upgrade totally barfed on our site. We can’t upload photos using the editor, nor attach links. Even more amusingly, the misbehavior is totally different on IE vs Firefox. Nice QA they have…

    I’m hand-coding everything, which really sucks. We’re rolling back to 2.0.7 tonight and then manually reposting today’s post and about a dozen comments. Fun.

    Monday, 29 January 2007 at 8:14 pm | Permalink
  2. sairuh wrote:

    Anita: Yow! 🙁 I know this sounds pedantic, but did you check out the WP codex page I linked to? It’s the one called Upgrading WordPress: Detailed upgrade instructions for 1.5.x and 2.0.x to 2.1. It’s quite helpful. I wonder if you might have accidentally forgotten to delete the files at the root level? (There are a bunch that are easy to lose track of.) Or, perhaps there might’ve been some plugin weirdness?

    As for the editor and image uploader: I never got into the habit of using the web admin UI for those features. I use MarsEdit’s, which is not without its quirks, but a touch clearer for me.

    Monday, 29 January 2007 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

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