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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Ker-splat: ripe apricots

For a while I thought this year’s apricots wouldn’t ripen, that we’d be stuck with a bunch of stunted, inedible fruits. A possible recovery from last year’s lack of fruit. Nope. I walked around the backyard two days ago, and saw how the paths were strewn with bruised, sweet-smelling apricots (as well as the soles […]

Cherry soup

The season for fresh cherries is coming to an end here in the Bay Area, so I came up with this cherry soup recipe. I’ve always found fruit soups intriguing, especially after reading descriptions in Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant and Chez Panisse Fruit. Many thanks to Simon for the pretty swirl. They might seem […]

Testing OpenID authentication

I’ve wanted OpenID authentication on my site for a long time, because it would allow readers with OpenIDs to easily add comments here. If you’d like to help with testing, please do so at this article at, a test site I’ve setup with OpenID authentication. Thanks! A simple explanation of OpenID: A distributed identity […]

Green tea soy milk

This drink was inspired by Samovar’s soy matcha shake, which became my gateway soy milk drink. You could use any green tea powder. Matcha is the one used in the Japanese tea ceremony, and tends to be slightly bitter and earthy. Sencha or kabuse green tea powder, often sold in single serving packets as a […]

Flavorings to add to basic ice cream

Using the basic vanilla ice cream recipe, you could add so many different types of spices and essences! If you feel the vanilla will overpower the other flavors, substitute regular granulated sugar for the vanilla sugar. 2 to 3 tablespoons of elderflower cordial (non-alcoholic syrup), whisked in after cooking the custard. British and some European […]

Vanilla ice cream

Summer weather is upon us, which means it’s time for ice cream. Here is a simple recipe for vanilla ice cream, made with vanilla sugar. Goes well with fresh fruit (cherries! apricots in a few weeks!), raspberry liqueur, maple syrup, and soda floats. This recipe yields about a quart.

Hello GreenCine, Goodbye Netflix

After a couple months of testing, I’ve decided to continue my DVD rentals through GreenCine, instead of Netflix. (As well as borrowing more from local libraries. :-D) The first four or so years with Netflix was both fun and useful. But the throttling killed it for me. While it’s great that I could export my […]