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Apricot brandy with orange and vanilla

It’s strange given my love of apricots that I had not made apricot liqueur. Last summer I finally did, using an inexpensive brandy from Trader Joe’s, an orange, and some vanilla sugar. I filtered out the fruit solids after steeping for 4 months—using a double layer of fine butter muslin over a fine sieve. The […]

Dried fruit compote

I found myself with several half-empty packets of dried fruit, not to mention brandy syrup (in the fridge, ‘natch) leftover from winter dessert parties. I thought a compote would nicely accessorize other sweet dishes, not to mention easily frozen until needed. You can serve this warm or cold with yogurt, rice pudding — especially good […]

Upside down fruit tarts, er, improvised Tatin

[Yipes, nearly three months since I’ve posted an entry! I’ve been busy with cooking and whatnot, just haven’t gotten to the writing bit for some time. Thank you for your patience.] Okay, so maybe not quite a tarte Tatin, since we serve these tarts with the crust topside, to reduce the sogginess factor. These are […]

Optionally upside down apricot cake

During the peak of last year’s plum season, Elise Bauer’s upside down cake recipe provided us with numerous delicious desserts. The apricots had been long gone, so I was eager to apply her excellent recipe to one of my favorite fruits. This year, it worked out quite well, thank you very much. Rightside-up upside down […]

Apricot ice cream made from jam, with orange liqueur

Here’s another recipe for surplus apricot jam: ice cream. 🙂 You don’t need to add more sugar, since the jam already contains enough. The orange liqueur (I prefer Grand Marnier) provides a perfumy zing to the apricots and cream.

Apricot tea cake

Just as there’s an abundance of apricots, sometimes there’s a lot of leftover apricot jam. Glazes are great, but they don’t use up much. After flipping through some cookbooks, I got the idea to use apricot jam instead of applesauce to make a tea cake. Unlike applesauce which is usually unsweetened, fruit jams can have […]

Blenheim apricot jam

Apricot jam is summer preserved in a jar. (That must be a paraphrase of some famous food or seasonal quote, but I can’t recall the original.) Although the season for Blenheim apricots isn’t quite as brief as it is for cherries, it is short because the fruit are renowned for ripening over a short period. […]

Apricot compote

Apricot compote is one of the easiest desserts you can make: Just simmer the ingredients, chill if desired, then serve with or without a garnish. This recipe uses fresh apricots. I haven’t tried it with dried apricots, but I’d think the main differences would be more simmering time to plump up the fruit, and perhaps […]

Ker-splat: ripe apricots

For a while I thought this year’s apricots wouldn’t ripen, that we’d be stuck with a bunch of stunted, inedible fruits. A possible recovery from last year’s lack of fruit. Nope. I walked around the backyard two days ago, and saw how the paths were strewn with bruised, sweet-smelling apricots (as well as the soles […]

Apricot fruitlets sighted

Cute apricot fruitlets have been sighted, about three weeks after the peak of blossoming. The additional foliage has caused an increase in approval ratings from neighborhood birds, including the resident Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Scrub-jays. 😀 There are a few more apricot images in the plant album.