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Miso sauces and a marinade

I enjoy reading Elizabeth Andoh’s Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen, which includes a very useful collection of ingredient tips. She provides nearly two dozen sauce and broth recipes, which are fun to improvise on, such as the dashi I wrote about a while back. So today I present my trusty miso marinade, along […]

Green tea soy milk

This drink was inspired by Samovar’s soy matcha shake, which became my gateway soy milk drink. You could use any green tea powder. Matcha is the one used in the Japanese tea ceremony, and tends to be slightly bitter and earthy. Sencha or kabuse green tea powder, often sold in single serving packets as a […]

Tasting soy milks

I admit it, I find soy milk suspicious. Sure, it works nicely as a creamy substitute in soups; and the occasional soy cheese I’ve had at izakaya restaurants has been tasty. I’ve even had a couple soy-based ice cream sandwiches which nearly fooled me, taste and texture-wise. But soy milk. As a drink, especially a […]