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Blame It on Monterey Bay

Haiku and other snippets memorializing a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Wedenesday, 24 April 1996. A collaboration between yours truly and Morrisa Sherman.

A sound by the shore:
The crack, crack of stone on shell.
Satisfied otters.

Cherry blossoms fall,
But not here. Fat, complacent
seagulls drift on kelp.

Oh, aquarium!
Poor Zed Lopez and nj
Imprisoned at work.

Toxic jellies drift
Lionfish sting fast and fierce
Rays stab hapless prey

Floating moon jellies
Iridescent surface
Gliding smoothly by

Purple, pink and green
Anchovies drop their jaws: Gawp!
Silver blades flashing

Pulsing kelp forest
Langorous waving tendrils
I think I’m seasick

Stilts and curlews and smelts, oh my!

Sing the following to the theme of “The Log Song,” of Ren and Stimpy fame.

What pulses and waves
In dangerous graves
What never lets out a yelp
What hides all the crabs
The shark and sandabs
It’s kelp, kelp, kelp!
It’s kelp, it’s kelp
It’s green, it’s brown, it’s tall
It’s kelp, it’s kelp
The slimiest plant of all.