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Dragging my feet

This site is about my hobbies. I’ve posted a lot on food, a little about software, and even a teensy bit about gardening and plants. But I haven’t written up much about another big interest of mine: stories. Novels, comic books, animation, and occasionally television and movies. I just love consuming tales and histories!

I’ve been dragging my feet about writing up what pretty much amounts to reviews. While I do want to keep track of such things (the embarrassment of accidentally purchasing an extra copy of a book has happened more than once to me over the years!), I don’t always want to write a long essay on everything I watch and read. So why not a mix of both capsule summaries and longer articles for items which move me to say more? Yes, that feels more reasonable to me.

It’s easy to warn of spoilers by placing such content after the standard <-- more --> tag. But trying to find a good balance of opinion and description of a work is difficult.

Just do it. Because this site is an extension of myself, mistakes and flubs will happen, but will progress will occur. However slowly. 😉

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