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Linky: Best videos from 2008

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2009!

Viral videos are a never-ending source of distraction on the ‘Net. But here are links to ones I found the most amusing. (Yes, some may have come out before 2008, but in my usual tardiness I stumbled upon them in 2008.)


An Engineer’s Guide to Cats (YouTube link). Because it is important that you understand the hardware and software requirements for such feline-oriented development projects.

Art student Christian Simmons’s movie about a giant, maniacally smiling pencil and a young, wishful lady. (QuickTime movie | Live Leak link) A tale about greed set in a beautifully ominous landscape.

OWLS (Flash video at Weebl’s Stuff). You can’t fool them. By the creators who brought us Badgers and Carrots, Handbags and Cheese. Maddening, yet catchy.

Still on the subject of birds: Flying penguins, brought to you by the BBC. (QuickTime movie | YouTube link) No, really.

Lastly, something true: The world’s smartest cephalopod, the Indonesian octopus. (YouTube link)

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