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Even better orange chocolate chip cookies

Or, version 2.0 of chocolate chip cookies. Over the years, I’ve found version 1.0 a bit too flat (in texture), a bit too hard-chewy, and even a bit too bitter. I’ve found a better source of chocolate chips (Guittard’s baking wafers), and a great resource for hacking the recipe.

Orange cake with browned butter, and draped in chocolate ganache

[Actually made this cake nearly a year and a half ago!] Browned butter adds a hint of nuttiness to this cake without adding nuts. Because this cake is made with the sponge technique, rather than a creamed-butter-and-sugar one, it’d be drier without a syrup, so I’ve added that as well. Also, because three is such […]

Apricot brandy with orange and vanilla

It’s strange given my love of apricots that I had not made apricot liqueur. Last summer I finally did, using an inexpensive brandy from Trader Joe’s, an orange, and some vanilla sugar. I filtered out the fruit solids after steeping for 4 months—using a double layer of fine butter muslin over a fine sieve. The […]

Orange cake with hominy grits & pine nuts

Packages of hominy grits always seem too large. So, having heard that some cakes are made with polenta, I tried something similar with grits. My recipe resulted a moist yet pleasantly crunchy cake, with a thin sugary crust and pine nuts to add to the crunchiness.

Orange chocolate chip cookies

Making chocolate chip cookies is easy, and many recipes exist for this Ultimate of Snacks. Mine is a bit more “adult,” especially if you’re able to find similar ingredients. Darker, more molasses-y brown sugar offers a more deep, almost anise-like flavor (without being too much like licorice, though). Try to nab bittersweet chocolate chips, or […]

Apricot ice cream made from jam, with orange liqueur

Here’s another recipe for surplus apricot jam: ice cream. 🙂 You don’t need to add more sugar, since the jam already contains enough. The orange liqueur (I prefer Grand Marnier) provides a perfumy zing to the apricots and cream.

Apricot tea cake

Just as there’s an abundance of apricots, sometimes there’s a lot of leftover apricot jam. Glazes are great, but they don’t use up much. After flipping through some cookbooks, I got the idea to use apricot jam instead of applesauce to make a tea cake. Unlike applesauce which is usually unsweetened, fruit jams can have […]

Delicious orange cake

Today I tried out the Gâteau Piège recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini. The result was delicious: a tender, orange flavored cake which reminded me of a slightly crumbly pound cake. Baking it also made the house pleasantly sweet-smelling. Thanks, Clotilde! Modifications: I used only 1/3 cup of orange juice, which came from one and half […]