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Conjunctional salad: Couscous (or) quinoa with nuts (and) fruit (and/or) vegetables

Pasta and grain salads have so much potential for variety! But the cold pesto pasta with mondo veggo chunks, or the soggy tabbouli, are often uninspired. Then Robert and Sonya introduced me to the joy of couscous with fruits and nuts. Sooo gooooood. Recently I made a quinoa salad with similar ingredients: Juice for tartness, […]


I’m not a morning person, so breakfast is rarely on my top fave list. My groggy brain gravitates towards easy preparation, so pre-packaged cereals would be an easy answer. Except that I’m so picky about the ingredients: too much cinnamon, nuts that I don’t like (walnuts and pecans have no place in cereals or breads, […]

Brown Rice, Bulgur and Nut Pilaf

Originally from Pamela Rino Evans, I’ve only lightly modified this dish. Experiment with nuts: I’ve used a mix of pine nuts and pecans, as well as cashews and pecans. You can also substitute chervil for the parsley. For extra spice-pep, add some cinnamon and/or ground coriander at step 3.