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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 26

This week our remodeling project passed final inspection! Moreover, the general contractor hauled off the last of the debris, had the port-a-loo taken away, and removed their scary-big sign from our front yard. Yes, quite relieving.

In terms of construction, the new bathroom is officially functional with its new shower door and medicine cabinet.

medicine cabinet

The refrigerator was finally moved into the kitchen, and its various waterlines connected. Simon did an awesome job of leveling the beast, as well as attaching the wooden panel. Like the dishwasher, it possesses a panoply of lights and sounds. Although it doesn’t trill every time we open a door, thankfully.

fridge installed

There’s still some carpentry remaining, namely getting more door moulding, and fixing the pocket door between the kitchen and den-entryway so it doesn’t bang about and get damaged. The carpenter did construct a code-compliant landing in the garage; it’s rather large, but at least it’s useable. As for remaining punch list items…well, most of them are either taken care of, or fall into the we’ll-deal-with-it-later-somehow basket.

garage landing

I did decide to hire a cleaning service to wipe away the sawdust and other construction dust from the remodeled areas. So worth it, because I now cough significantly less.

a room with a view of a kitchenClean, but for how long? Answer: Less than 24 hours. 😉

You may see more photographs at the gallery. With four pages of albums for this project, here’s a link to week 26.

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