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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Potato pancakes with sweet potatoes and scallions

Why limit yourself to latkes during Hanukkah? Potato pancakes are for anyone, anytime! After all, they do look like little FSMs, albeit somewhat flattened. I’m sure His Noodliness would still approve. Moreover, savory pancakes can be made from many different root vegetables, in my case baking potatoes and sweet potatoes, with a kick of scallions […]

iPhone apps I use (2008 edition)

Dealing with the productivity iPhone apps sure makes me look like a wet blanket. But, as much fun complaining can be, I have had fun with the iPhone software. To keep my enthusiasm in check, I’m limiting this entry to the apps I had found in 2008, and continue to use. But a couple of […]

Macworld Expo SF 2009

I went to this year’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco with low expectations. None of the Apple hardware or software announcements were things I had been waiting for. Not to downplay them, of course. I’m simply not a large laptop user, for example. While I do use applications from iLife and iWork, I do not […]

Chicken stock

Chicken, seafood and vegetable stocks are liquid gold. Not only are they essential for soups, but for a wide variety of sauces, they’re indispensable. I’m somewhat surprised I never managed to post a recipe for chicken stock, so here it is. For an added roasty flavor, I bake the chicken carcass beforehand in a 375ºF […]

Linky: Best videos from 2008

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2009! Viral videos are a never-ending source of distraction on the ‘Net. But here are links to ones I found the most amusing. (Yes, some may have come out before 2008, but in my usual tardiness I stumbled upon them in 2008.) Enjoy! An Engineer’s Guide to Cats (YouTube […]