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Chicken stock

Chicken, seafood and vegetable stocks are liquid gold. Not only are they essential for soups, but for a wide variety of sauces, they’re indispensable. I’m somewhat surprised I never managed to post a recipe for chicken stock, so here it is. For an added roasty flavor, I bake the chicken carcass beforehand in a 375ºF […]

Dashi: Japanese broth

Dashi is a broth and a staple in many Japanese soups, sauces and stews. The ingredients are inexpensive (well, if you have easy access to a Japanese or Asian grocery store), and it’s a breeze to make! Avoid boiling with kelp, and don’t let the bonito flakes steep for too long —both could result in […]

Vegetable Stock

To be used in soups as well as a broth added to grain dishes and whatnot. You’ll definitely need to add salt when using it later, since none is added here. Make sure all of the vegetables have been cleaned of dirt.