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Monthly Archives: November 2006


I’m not a morning person, so breakfast is rarely on my top fave list. My groggy brain gravitates towards easy preparation, so pre-packaged cereals would be an easy answer. Except that I’m so picky about the ingredients: too much cinnamon, nuts that I don’t like (walnuts and pecans have no place in cereals or breads, […]

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 2)

Continuing from the initial post on my search for a good PHP and MySQL book. As of this writing, though, I’m still a-searchin’… :-\

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 1)

So far I’ve been more or less disappointed with the PHP and MySQL books I’ve glanced through. I try to read at least a few dozen pages in each to get an idea of the writing style and coverage. Perhaps it might be best to get separate books on PHP and MySQL? That’d be a […]

testing possible WordPress bug, er, scratch that

system; Ahem. Actually, the issue was Apache’s mod_security not allowing certain strings to be posted here. I get a 503 web server error if I sneak in a set of parenthesis () right after the word “system” and the semicolon. So to fix this, I’d need to modify the rules there via .htaccess. Or remember […]

MAMP: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL & PHP

Through Michael Doig’s excellent tutorial, I recently discovered MAMP, a free package which provides recent builds of Apache, MySQL and PHP as a standalone installation on Mac. It’s geared towards local server development on a machine, as opposed to live sites, so it’s great for testing out stuff like WordPress locally. Unfortunately, MAMP has issues. […]