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Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 2)

Continuing from the initial post on my search for a good PHP and MySQL book. As of this writing, though, I’m still a-searchin’… :-\

Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL: Building Effective Database-Driven Web Sites (Willaims and Lane, O’Reilly 2002, 1st edition). This book whizzes through their introductions to PHP and MySQL and uses a fictional wine store to illustrate their points. Note: I didn’t have access to the more recent 2nd edition (2004) to which I linked at Amazon —It’s not bad, but I think I’d prefer something more comprehensive.

PHP and MySQL Web Development (Welling and Thomson, Sams 2005, 3rd edition). Covers PHP 5 and MySQL 5. Comes with a CD of sample code, which they refer to. Not sure if there’s a companion website (couldn’t find one after a few brief searches), which would be handy. I’m not fond of their HTML having non-standard layout markup inline (it’s not even CSS). Focuses on good programming practices, and has much cross-referencing throughout, with additional resources listed at the end of several chapters. Offers info on Unix and Windows installations, but nothing on Mac OS X, alas. And all of the browser screenshots are of Microsoft Windows Explorer. (Why not throw in some Firefox images, to show testing and usage on multiple browsers…?) Sometimes the language feels a bit repetitive, needing to be more concise, but at least it is clear. Overall, though, this is a thorough book and might serve as a good reference. Perhaps my misgivings might be addressed in a later edition.

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