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Dreadful eateries which are closed, thankfully

Here is an old list of restaurants, now closed, where my tastebuds were abused. Yes, rather negative, but I wish to include this entry (from my old 1.0 site) for historical accuracy. (On the plus side, it is a really short list!) It would be rather amusing if the people who ran these places opened others. I wonder what I’d think of them now?

China Lion, Palo Alto, CA. Run away. Run fast, screaming away. I’m amazed that it had existed for so long, with its greasy dishes, and obviously canned ingredients. Gotta be one of the worst Chinese restaurants I’ve ever experienced. As of April 1999, this place no longer exists.

Katmandu West. Cupertino, CA. Of all the overpriced, overrated places. The service was slow every time I went. The food was amazingly unimpressive. I’d go to good Nepalese, but Anapurna in San Carlos is closed.

The Little Garden. Palo Alto, CA. I know, I know, it was a great meeting place for all sorts of creative, intelligent folk. But I couldn’t stand the food. Quite sad, considering how much I love Vietnamese cuisine. The vegetarian tofu in peanut sauce (a combination which usually makes my mouth water) just made me want to retch.