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Media consumption in 2020

I have a link to my Goodreads shelves below, instead of manually listing every book here. This will cover most longer fiction and non-fiction books, some graphic novels, and my did not finish (DNF) lists. Unfortunately, Goodreads doesn’t easily offer a way to filter shelves based on genres, such as delineating fiction from non-fiction.

N.B. I connect only with persons on Goodreads that I know IRL.

I’ll continue listing webcomics, comics, and some DNF works not listed on Goodreads, as well as short fiction.

To jump to a section:

Movies, television, and other video

Best mainstream movie? Knives Out (2019). Best tv series? The Good Place; thank you, Janet! The first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery were also fantastic.

Comics & Art Monographs

The 💡 (lightbulb icon) indicates a recommendation for a given comic or art monogram. Again, what I include here are works that are (afaik) not listed within Goodreads.

💡 Ashanti Fortson. Capturing Comfort in the Time of Instagram (short form, 2020).

Alba Glez (Gonzalez). Laura from the Sacred Land (ongoing).

💡 Mira Jacob. The Menopause (short form, 2019).

Amanda Kastner (Story Seamstress). Questless (ongoing).

Shorter Fiction, Poetry & Podcasts

I list only shorter fiction and poetry that I enjoyed enough to recommend, since I listen to so many every year through podcasts. I’ve added links to most stories, so that you can read or listen to them for free. Since some of the stuff I read/listen to is published earlier than 2020, I’ve added the original published date, if known.

Again, I regularly listen (or read) shorts from the following podcasts and publishers:

Samira Ahmed. “A Guidebook for the Newly Sired Desi Vampire”; part of the Vampires Never Get Old anthology, (2020).

Charlie Jane Anders. “If You Take My Meaning” (2020) a followup to her 2019 novel The City in the Middle of the Night.

Cat Aquino. “Bitter Soil” (2020).

Julianna Baggott. “The Orientation” and “The Postictal State of Divine Love” (2020).

Elizabeth Bear. “On Safari in R’lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera” (2020).

Jenny Blackford. “Eleven Exhibits in a Better Natural History Museum, London” (poem, 2020).

Gregory Norman Bossert. “The Night Soil Salvagers” (2020).

Marie Brennan. “From the Editorial Page of the Falchester Weekly Review” (2016).

Jen Brown. “While Dragons Claim the Sky” (2019).

Jason P Burnham. “Cairns” (2020).

Octavia Butler. “The Evening, the Morning and the Night” (1987).

Octavia Cade. “Come Water, Be One of Us” (2020).

Tara Calaby. “Three Days with the Kid” (2020).

Diane Callahan. “In Which a Demonic Printer Sparks an Office Romance” (2020).

Tara Campbell. “How Melba REALLY Got Her Groove Back” (2019).

Siobhan Carroll. “For He Can Creep” (2019).

Adam-Troy Castro. “The Time Traveler’s Advice to the Lovelorn” (2020).

Beth Cato. “Clouds Gleam Across Her Eyes” (2019).

L. Chan. “Field Reports from the Department of Monster Resettlement” (2018).

Priya Chand. “From Asteroids to Dust” (2020).

Chen Qiufan. “Debtless” (novelette, 2020).

Roshani Chokshi. “deep sleep” (poem, 2020).

M.L. Clark. “Leave-Taking” (novelette, 2020).

Dhonielle Clayton. “The House of Black Sapphires”; part of the Vampires Never Get Old anthology, (2020).

David Clink. “Back Story” (poem, 2020).

Alexei Collier. “How to Confront the Sphinx Haunting Your Garden” (2019).

Johnny Compton. “The DEATH/GRIP Challenge” (2020).

Tina Connolly. “A Sharp Breath of Birds” (2019), “Useful Guinevere and the Bio-Mechanical Dragons of Neptunias,” and “Once More Unto the Breach (But Don’t Worry, the Inflatable Swords Are Latex-Free)” (2020).

Brenda Cooper. “Callme and Mink” (2020).

Marie Croke. “The Pop-up Artisan of Drink Me Café” (2020).

Vida Cruz. “Odd and Ugly” (novelette, 2017) and “Have Your #Hugot Harvested at This Diwata-Owned Café” (2020).

AnaMaria Curtis. “Forward Momentum and a Parallel Toss” (2020).

Rjurik Davidson. “Benjamin 2073” (2020).

J.R. Dawson. “Marley and Marley” (2020).

Ashley Deng. “Sun, Moon, and Wretched Star” (2020).

Anya Johanna DeNiro. “A Voyage to Queensthroat” (2020).

Bob DeRosa. “Listening” (2020).

Cara DiGirolamo. “Grandma Geraldine Sees a Dragon” (2020).

Kaily Dorfman. “The Wolf” (poem, 2020).

Jasmeet Dosanjh. “A Spirit Friend” (poem, 2020).

Matt Dovey. “Why Aren’t Millennials Continuing Traditional Worship of the Elder Dark?” (2019).

Aidan Doyle. “White Noon” (2020).

Filip Hajdar DrnovÅ¡ek Zorko. “The AI That Looked at the Sun” (2020).

Laura Duerr. “Volumes” (2020).

Forest 404, a completed short audio series by BBC Radio 4 (2019).

Aaron Gallagher. “Repo” (2014).

Shaenon K. Garrity. “Cast Member Rules at Old Tech Town” (2020).

Beth Goder. “How to Identify an Alien Shark” (2018).

Aber O. Grand. “Marbles” (poem, 2020).

Preston Grassmann. “The Doors of a Drowned City” (poem, 2020).

A.T. Greenblatt. “Burn or The Episodic Life of Sam Wells as a Super” and “One Time, a Reluctant Traveler ” (2020).

Amy Griswold. “Custom Options Available” (2020).

Amit Gupta. “How Did It Feel to Be Eaten?” (2020).

Larry Hammer. “Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier” (2006).

Frances Hardinge. “Devil’s Bridge” (2014).

Merrie Haskell. “The Heart That Saves You May Be Your Own” (2020).

Maria Haskins. “Down to Niflhel Deep” (2020).

Geta Hayer. “The Augur and the Girl Left at His Door” (2020).

Hollis Joel Henry. “Outer” (2020).

Millie Ho. “The Fenghuang” (2020).

Ada Hoffmann. “Across the Ice” and “Melting Like Metal” (2020).

Liam Hogan. “The Unmaker of Cakes” (2020).

Jennifer Hudak. “The Cat Lady and the Petitioner” (2020).

Andrew Dana Hudson. “Voice of Their Generation” (2020).

Claire Humphrey. “We Are the Flower” (2020)

Langley Hyde. “Consolidation” (2020).

Innocent Chizaram Ilo. “Rat and Finch Are Friends” (2020),

Gem Isherwood. “Salt and Iron” (2020).

Scott Janssens. “Paradox” (2008).

N.K. Jemisin. “The Ones Who Stay and Fight” (2018).

Wesley Jenkins. “The Oak Knowers” (part 1, part 2; 2020).

Michael M. Jones. “Regarding the Regretful Repercussions of Replicating Robot Reptiles” and “The Curious Case of the Cat’s Clandestine Collection” (2020).

Rachael K. Jones. “The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles” (2016).

Damini Kane. “Mariska and Major” (2020).

Julie Kemp. “Growing Resistance” (2019) and “Dragon Years” (2020).

Evan Kennedy. “Spoken For” (2020).

T. Kingfisher. “The Wolf and the Woodsman” (reprinted from author’s blog).

Kyle Kirrin. “Yo, Rapunzel!” (2020).

Jim Kling. “Semi-Autonomous or ‘For Whom The Warranty Tolls’” (2006).

Annika Barranti Klein. “Skyscraper” (poem, 2020).

Naomi Kritzer. “Little Free Library” (2020).

N.R. Lambert. “The Half-Life of a Broken Heart” (2020).

Doretta Lau. “God Damn, How Real Is This?” (2014).

Mark Lawrence. “The Visitor: Kill or Cure” (2020).

Nicole LeBoeuf. “The Soup Witch’s Funeral Dinner” (2020).

P.H. Lee. “How the Emperor of All Space and Every World Awoke to the True Nature of Reality and Why it Didn’t Matter” (2020).

Yoon Ha Lee. “Beyond the Dragon’s Gate” and “The Mermaid Astronaut” (2020).

R.B. Lemberg. “Stone Listening,” (poem, 2020).

Marissa Lingen. “Quality Control” (2009) and “Every Tiny Tooth and Claw (or: Letters from the First Month of the New Directorate)” (2020).

Camille Louise. “Under and Down” (poem, 2020).

S. Qiouyi Lu. “Where a Heart Would Fit Perfectly” (2020).

Richard K. Lyon. “Standards” (2008).

Usman T. Malik. “City of Red Midnight: A Hikayat” (2020).

Neha Maqsood. “Things I Do to Remember Home” (poem, 2020).

Seanan McGuire. “Juice Like Wounds” (2020).

Rati Mehrotra. “The Witch Speaks” (2020).

Aaron Menzel “Dirt Under the Nails” (2020).

Devin Miller. “Fox Red, Life Red, Teeth Like Snow” (2020).

Elizabeth R. Moore. “10 Spells the Glasbläser Family Is Not Sharing with Each Other, in Order of Secrecy” (2020).

Fiona Moore. “The Island of Misfit Toys” (2020).

L.H. Moore. “Rule of Thirds” (2020).

Stephanie Malia Morris. “Forty Acres and a Mule” (2020).

Ian Muneshwar. “Telomerase” (2016).

Kitty Myers. “Stuck in an Elevator with Mandy Patinkin” (2008).

Brigid Nemeton. “A Training Session” (poem, 2020).

Annalee Newitz. “I’m with Muni — How Can I Help?” (2020).

Dimitra Nikolaidou. “The Honey of the World and the Queen of Crows” (2020).

Garth Nix. “The Case of the Somewhat Mythic Sword” (2020).

Yukimi Ogawa. “Grayer Than Lead, Heavier Than Snow” (novelette, 2020).

Aimee Ogden. “The Nine Bajillion and One Names of God” (2018).

Vincent H. O’Neil. “In-Body” (2020).

Emma Osborne. “A Salt and Sterling Tongue” (2019).

Charles Payseur. “Foie Gras” (2020, novelette).

Annie Percik. “Saving the World” (2020).

Kelli Perkins. “Panic Button” (2020).

Tony Pi. “These Wondrous Sweets” (2020).

Aimee Picchi. “In a Field of Bone-Bonnets” (2019).

Sarah Pinkser. “Tru Luv” (2020).

B. Pladek. “Where They Keep Their Promises” (2020).

Samuel Poots. “Through the Shelter Door” (2020).

Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw. “The Cursed Noel” (2020).

Brad Preslar. “Maynard the Mighty” (2020).

Katherine Quevedo. “Exchange (A Coral Study)” (2018).

Cat Rambo. “Aardvark Says Moo” (2016).

Ace Tilton Ratcliff. “Dog Years” (2020).

Jenn Reese. “Symphony for the Space Between the Stars” (2019).

Mike Resnick. “Beachcomber” (2008).

M. Rickert. “The Little Witch” (2020).

Julia Rios. “On Where to Find Strange Horizons, and How to Get There” (poem, 2020).

Kate Ristau. “Taco Shells Like Falling Stars” (2020).

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez. “Writing for the End of the World” (2018).

Veronica Roth. “The Least of These” (2020).

Eden Royce. “Miss Beulah’s Braiding and Life Change Salon” (2019).

R. Rozakis. “Studies on the Impact of Homeschooling, or When Not to Wear a Tuxedo” (2020).

Laura Ruby. “Bestiary”; part of the Vampires Never Get Old anthology, (2020).

Carlie St. George. “Monsters Never Leave You” (2020).

Kelly Sandoval. “Emergency Scenarios” (2017).

Gabriela Santiago. “Martian Cinema” (2020).

Effie Seiberg. “Just One More Kitten GIF” (2020).

Nibedita Sen. “We Sang You as Ours” (2019) and “Mandragora” (2020).

Janelle C. Shane. “68:Hazard:Cold” (2020).

Sameem Siddiqui. “AirBody” (2020).

D.A. Xiaolin Spires. “Last Wishes” (novelette, 2020).

Gretchen Tessmer. “The Last Love Letter” (2020).

Allison Thai. “Caring for Dragons and Growing a Flower” (2020).

Alli Trotta. “The Devil You Know” (poem, 2020).

Harry Turtledove. “Manuscript Tradition” (2020).

Izzy Wasserstein. “A Hench Helps Her Villain, No Matter What” (2020).

Elizabeth Walker. “A Lifetime Supply of Exactly What You Need” (2020).

M. Darusha Wehm. “Fear of Lying” (2018).

Alexander Weinstein. “Destinations of Joy,” “Toxic Destinations,” and “Destinations of Love” (all published 2020).

Lesley Wheeler. “Dragon Questionnaire” (poem, 2020).

John Wiswell. “Gender and Other Faulty Software” (2020).

Caroline M. Yoachim. “A Wedding Gown of Autumn Leaves” (2019).

James Yu. “Object Permanence” (2020).


DNF shelf on Goodreads. Sort by date read or date added to see the more recent items.

Aanchal Budhiraja and Iris (Blauerozen). The Demon Babysitter (completed).

Abrian Curington. StormCalmer.

Eon. Super Secret (completed).

Gimlet Media. Homecoming podcast.

Jangjin and Woombeee. Devil Number 4 (ongoing).

Jeongseo. My Boo (completed).

Zack Jordan. The Last Human (in a Crowded Universe) (ongoing, limited series).

Songah Min. The Girl Downstairs (ongoing).

Mission to Zyxx (podcast).

Eugenia Triantafyllou. “My Country Is a Ghost” (2020).

Stephanie Williams. But What If Though.

Wowbagger Productions. Planet Divoc-91.