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Media consumption in 2019

I finally updated this post’s title to reflect that I consume more than just books and short stories — although the lion’s share is from reading and listening to podcasts. O:)

Starting this year, I’ll be adding a link to my Goodreads shelves, instead of manually listing every book here. This will cover most longer fiction and non-fiction books, some graphic novels, and my did not finish (DNF) lists. Unfortunately, Goodreads doesn’t easily offer a way to filter shelves based on genres, such as delineating fiction from non-fiction.

N.B. I connect only with persons on Goodreads that I know IRL.

I’ll continue listing here webcomics, comics, and some DNF works not listed on Goodreads, and short fiction.

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Movies, television, and other video

One of my favorite Osamu Tezuka manga, Dororo was recently released as a 24-episode anime (IMDb); it gets gory, and the fight scenes in the last few episodes ran too long for my tastes, but it was still a satisfying story to watch.

One of my favorite video shorts is Matthew A. Cherry’s “Hair Love” (IMDb). I’m so pleased it won an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

Movies I’ve enjoyed include two documentaries, A Band Called Death (group’s website | IMDb), about the photo-punk (early 1970s!) group Death, formed by three Black brothers from Detroit; and Kedi (film’s website | IMDb), a film about the beloved feral cats in Istanbul. Of genre fiction movies, Captain Marvel (IMDb) was fun, especially how its soundtrack warmed my shriveled riotgrrl heart.

Comics & Art Monographs

The 💡 (lightbulb icon) indicates a recommendation for a given comic or art monogram. Again, what I include here are works that are (afaik) not listed within Goodreads.

Anadia-chan (Heather). Knights of Asherah (ongoing).

💡 Angle. The Devil Is a Handsome Man (on hiatus).

Ari (walking north). Aerial Magic (ongoing).

Sam Beck. Verse (ongoing).

Amanda Kastner (Story Seamstress). Imaginarium (completed).

Miranda Mundt. Muted (ongoing).

Quimchee. I Love Yoo (ongoing).

Danie Stirling. Crumbs (ongoing).

💡 C. Spike Trotman and Amanda Lafrenais. Iris and Angel, available here.

Shorter Fiction & Poetry

I list only short stories that I enjoyed enough to recommend, since I listen to so many every year. I’ve added links to most stories, so that you can read them online for free, if you prefer text over audio. Since some of the stuff I read/listen to is published earlier than 2019, I’ve added the original published date, if known. In 2019 I started listening to a bit of spec-fic poetry, notably from Strange Horizons.

Again, I regularly listen (or read) shorts from the following podcasts and publishers:

William Alexander. “The House on the Moon” (2018).

Ogbewe Amadin. “Riddle” (2018).

Charlie Jane Anders. “The Minnesota Diet” (2018).

Megan Arkenberg. “The Oracle and the Sea” (2018).

Patricia Ash. “Djinn and Tonic” (2018).

Matthew Bailey. “Whatever the Price” (2019).

Stewart C. Baker. “Concerning Your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over” (2015).

Elly Bangs. “The Last Stellar Death Metal Opera” (2019).

Megan Lee Beals. “We Have Always Lived in the Barbie Dream Castle” (2019).

Mary Berman. “Bubbles and His Biped” (2019).

Deborah Biancotti. “The Salt Dark” (2019).

Brooke Bolander. “The Tale of Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters and the Prince Who Was Made of Meat” (2018).

Bo Balder. “She Knits the Universe a Pink Angora Sweater” (2019).

Nyla Bright. “Spectrum of Acceptance” (2019).

Keyan Browes. “Octonet” (2019).

Tiffany Michelle Brown. “Bad Vibrations” (2019).

Judy Budnitz. “Directions” (2018).

K.T. Bryski. “Jingly Bell, Velvet Mouse” (2019.

Caroline Cantrell. “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Dating the Paranormal” (poem, 2019)

Siobhan Carroll. “For He Can Creep” (novelette, 2019).

Beth Cato. “A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning” (2017) and “To This You Cling, with Jagged Fingernails” (2018).

Vajra Chandrasekera. “When Leopard’s-Bane Came to the Door of Third Heaven” (2018).

Tim Chawaga. “Failsafe” (2019).

Ted Chiang. “It’s 2059, and the Rich Kids Are Still Winning: DNA tweaks won’t fix our problems” (2019).

Zen Cho. “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again” (2018).

Miranda Ciccone. “Hunting the Mighty Space Whale” (2019).

Nino Cipri. “A Silly Love Story” (2015) and “Which Super Little Dead Girl™ Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!” (2017).

P. Djèlí Clark. “The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington” (2018).

Matthew Corradi. “Gundark Island, or, Tars Tarkas Needs Your Help” (2019).

Tina Connolly. “A Sharp Breath of Birds” (2019).

Donald Crankshaw. “The Supervisor of Accountants and the Great Grey Wolf” (2019).

Katherine Cross. “The Machine of Loving Grace” (2019).

Gillian Daniels. “Beast of Breath” (2018).

Craig DeLancey. “Ulissa” (2019).

Mary de Morgan. “A Toy Princess” (public domain).

Hammond Diehl. “The Skinwalkers Ball” (2019).

S.B. Divya. “The Boy Who Made Flowers” (2016).

Meg Elison. “Safe Surrender” (2018).

Ruthanna Emrys. “Cassandra Draws the Four of Cups” (2019).

Shannon Fay. “A Scrimshaw of Smeerps” (2018).

Sheila Finch. “Talking in Pictures” (2019).

Alena Flick. “Missed Connections” (2018).

Courtney Floyd. “H&D Plumbing” (2017) and “A Post-Modern Oracle” (2018).

Amanda Gafford. “tigerlily” (poem, 2019).

Sarah Gailey. “Bargain” (2015) and “Away with the Wolves” (novelette, 2019).

Shaenon Garrity. “Beatrix Released” (2019).

Emma J. Gibbon. “Sermon from New London” (2018) and “Fune-RL” (poem, 2019).

Beth Goder. “The Great Scientist Rivalry on Planet Sourdough” (2018) and “How to Identify an Alien Shark” (2018).

Jaymee Goh. “By the Storytelling Fire” (2019).

Kathleen Ann Goonan. “One/Zero” (2019).

A.T. Greenblatt. “And Yet” (2018), “Move Forward, Disappear, Transcend” (2019), “Team Work” (2019), “On the Other Side of the Line” (2019).

Megan Grey. “Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer” (2015).

Andrew Gugdel. “Loyalty Test” (2019).

Louisa Hall. “The Arisen” (2019).

Nin Harris. “Murderbunny’s Magical Moonlight Ride” (2019) and “When Sirens Sing of Roses and of Delegated Power” (2019).

Maria Haskins. “Hare’s Breath” (2017) and “The Guitar Hero” (2018).

Amanda Helms. “Skinned” (2018).

Liam Hogan. “Gift Wrapped” (reprint).

Nalo Hopkinson. “Repatriation” (2019).

Justin Howe. “Periling Hand” (2018).

Lizz Huerta. “Mouths” (2018).

Kameron Hurley. “The Body Remembers” (2019).

Brit E.B. Hvide. “A Catalog of Love at First Sight” (2019).

Innocent Chizaram Ilo. “The Unusual Customer” (2018).

Justina Ireland. “A Theory of Flight” (2019).

José Pablo Iriarte. “Life in Stone, Glass, and Plastic” (2016), “Secrets and Things We Don’t Say Out Loud” (2018), and “This Wine-Dark Feeling that Isn’t the Blues” (2019).

Carolin Jansen. “Radio Static” (2019).

Matthew J. Jarvis. “SOUL CLEAVER Clarence” (2019).

Gwyneth Jones. “The Little Shepherdess” (2019).

Rachael K. Jones. “The Raptor Snatchers” (2016) and “Five Functions of Your Bionosaur” (2018).

Kathryn Kania. “Two Years Dead” (2018).

Erinn L. Kemper. “The Song” (2019).

Cassandra Khaw. “we aren’t their fairytales, baby” (poem, 2019).

Margaret Killjoy. “The Fortunate Death of Jonathan Sandelson” (2018).

Michelle Ann King. “Sometimes You’re the Windscreen, Sometimes You’re the Fly” (2016).

T. Kingfisher (Ursula Vernon). “The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society” (2018).

Marko Kloos. “How to Move Spheres and Influence People” (2019).

Mary Robinette Kowal. “The White Phoenix Feather: A Tale of Cuisine and Madness” (2012).

Naomi Kritzer. “St. Ailbe’s Hall (part 1) (part 2)” (2004).

Derek Künsken. “Franken-Puppy” (2019).

Kara Lee. “The Homunculi’s Guide to Resurrecting Your Loved One from Their Electronic Ghosts” (2019).

Yoon Ha Lee. “The Second-Last Client” (2019).

Marissa Lingen. “Points of Origin” (2015) and “The Deepest Notes of the Harp and Drum” (2019).

Danny Lore. “The Last Exorcist” (2017).

Marie Lu. “Sea Maple” (2019).

Derek Lubangakene. “Origami Angels” (2018).

A.J. Lucy. “Sequestration; Vitrification” (2018).

Nisa Mall. “Autologous Transplant” (poem, 2019).

Corey Mallonee. “Radio Free Heartland” (2018).

Melissa Marr. “Knee Deep in the Sea” (novelette, 2019).

Arkady Martine. “The Hydraulic Emperor” (2018) and “Object-Oriented” (2018).

Seanan McGuire. “Hello, Hello” (2019).

Stefon Mears. “Ask the Cats” (2014).

V. Medina. “This Is Not a Ghost Story” (2019).

Rati Mehrotra. “This Way to Paradise” (2019).

Rachel Menard. “Blame It on the Bees” (2019).

Sam J. Miller. “Shattered Sidewalks of the Human Heart” (2019).

Brian M. Milton. “Rab the Giant versus the Witch of the Waterfall” (2017) and “Cleaning Up” (2018).

Youha Nam. “National Center for the Preservation of Human Dignity” (reprint).

Ray Nayler. “The Death of Fire Station 10” (2019).

Russell Nichols. “Man of Straw” (2018).

Wendy Nikel. “I Am Fire; I Am Tears” (2019).

E. Nesbit. “The Deliverers of Their Country” (public domain).

Mari Ness. “The Middle Child’s Practical Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale” (2016) and “The Witch in the Tower” (2017).

Annalee Newitz. “When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis” and “Old Media” (2019).

Sherin Nicole. “Common Grounds and Various Teas” (2019).

Russell Nichols. “Beyond Comprehension” (2019).

Brandon O’Brien. “Due by the End of the Week” (2019).

Yukimi Ogawa. “Ripen” (novelette, 2019).

Chimedum Ohaegbu. “Toothsome Things” (2018).

Jessica Paddock. “The Red Honey Witch” (2019).

Suzan Palumbo. “Personal Rakshasi” (2019).

Silvia Park. “More Real Than Him” (2019).

Laura Pearlman. “Some Things I Probably Should Have Mentioned Earlier” (2016).

Brenda Peynado. “To Have and to Hold” (2019).

Dominica Phetteplace. “How I Got Published (12 Tips from a Bestselling Author)” (2018) and “There Is No Beauty Without Resistance” (2019).

Aisha Phoenix. “The Weather Dancer” (2019).

Aimee Picchi. “50 Ways to Leave Your Fairy Lover” (2018) and “Dear Captain Continuum: I Quit” (2019).

Vina Jie-Min Prasad. “Portrait of Skull with Man” (2017) and “Black Flowers Blossom” (novelette, 2019).

Tim Pratt. “Hosting the Solstice” (2018)

Rivqa Rafael. “The Day Girl” (2019).

Hannu Rajaniemi. “Keep Your Augmented Reality. Give Me a Secret Garden” (2019).

Shiv Ramdas. “Balloon Man” (2018).

Lina Rather. “Marking the Witch” (2017).

Arula Ratnakar. “Insaan Hain, Farishte Nahin” (novelette, 2019).

Robert Reed. “Painwise” (2019).

Jenn Reese. “A Mindreader’s Guide to Surviving Your First Year at the All-Girls Superhero Academy” (2019).

Kelly Robson. “Two-Year Man” (2015) and “Skin City” (2019).

Margaret Ronald. “In the Ground, Before the Freeze” (2018).

Lauren M. Roy. “Ex Astris” (2014).

A. Merc Rustad. “it me, ur smol” (2018) and “Now Watch My Rising” (2018).

Effie Seiberg. “The Tale of Descruptikn and the Product Launch Requirements Documentation” (2019).

Alexandra Seidel. “You Are Bleeding” (2019).

Nibedita Sen. “Pigeons” (2018) and “Sphexa, Start Dinosaur” (2018).

Grace Seybold. “The Edges of the World” (2019).

Heather Shaw, Tim Pratt, and River Shaw. “River’s Giving” (2019).

Gu Shi. “Poems and Distant Lands” (2019).

Kendra Sims. “Mirrors in the Valley” (2017).

Amber D. Sistla. “Nobody’s Goddess” (2015).

Vandana Singh. “Mother Ocean” (2019).

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry. “A Place Out of Time” (2016).

Cynthia So. “The Unicorn’s Question” (poem, 2019).

Rivers Solomon. “Love in the Time of Trash-Eating Mushrooms” (2019).

D.A. Xiaolin Spires. “Marshmallows” (2018) and “Nutrition Facts” (2019).

Elise Stephens. “Inheritance” (2019).

Naru Sundar. “A Handful of Dal” (2016).

Nathan Susnik. “Things from Long Ago” (2018) and “Tōhoku” (2019).

Wole Talabi. “The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi” (2018).

Shveta Thakrar. “The Mango Tree” (2017).

Karin Tidbeck. “The Last Voyage of Skidbladnir” (2019).

Eugenia Triantafyllou. “What Cannot Follow” (2019).

Setsu Uzume. “Why I Spared the One Brave Soul Between Me and My Undead Army” (2019).

Carrie Vaughn. “Marlowe and Harry and the Disinclined Laboratory” (2019).

Carrie Vaughn and Sage Walker. “Long Is the Way” (novelette, 2019).

Nghi Vo. “Five Stories in the Monsoon Night” (2019).

Sabrina Vourvoulias. “The Ways of Walls and Words” (2015).

Kevin Wabaunsee. “The Great Mandini and the Dead Man’s Hand” (2019).

Jamie Wahls. “Truth+” (2019).

Lawrence Watt-Evans. “An Evil Opportunity Employer” (2019).

Martha Wells. “Compulsory” (2018).

Stu West. “The Autumn of June” (2019).

A.C. Wise. “A Catalogue of Sunlight at the End of the World” (reprint).

John Wiswell. “The Lie Misses You” (2019).

Nick Wolven. “Confessions of a Con Girl” (2017).

Eleanor R. Wood. “Candy Comfort” (2016).

Isabel Yap. “Windrose in Scarlet” (novelette, 2019).

Caroline Yoachim. “An Army of Bees” (2016); “Until the Day We Go Home” (2017); and “A Rabbit Egg for Flora” (2017).


DNF shelf on Goodreads. Sort by date read or date added to see the more recent items.

Lisette Alvarez. Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services (podcast).

Eli Barraza. The Far Meridian (podcast).

Han Kyoung Chal. Spirit Fingers.

Katie Cook. Nothing Special (ongoing).

eon. Super Secret (completed).

Erica Hardy (Acersecomic). Brujaha (ongoing).

Violet Karim. Familiar Feelings (ongoing).

Austen Marie. Soul on Hold (ongoing).

s0s2. The Little Trashmaid (ongoing).

Rebecca Schaeffer and Alai Cinereo. Not Even Bones.

Bill Walko. The Hero Business (ongoing).

Multiple creators. Kind of Love (ongoing).