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Multigrain Pullman, rustic loaf, or pizza dough from a starter

To make a Pullman loaf, which is a bread shaped perfectly for sandwiches and toast, I use the same recipe as the multigrain sourdough loaf, with these changes: Use a heavy-gauge Pullman measuring 4 by 4 by 9 inches, but without the lid, to encourage height. I like the USA Pan brand made of aluminized […]

Pizza with chicken, cheese & chutney

Here’s an example of my being a food mutant: I don’t like pizza. To clarify: I don’t like deep dish pizzas, which are far too soggy. Thin crusts tend to change my mind. I don’t like tomato sauces —oh, I love tomatoes, sauces and tomato sauces, but on pizzas the gloppiness issue crops up again. […]