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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Rice cooked in chicken stock

I usually cook rice with filtered water and a bit of salt. Maybe I toss in some random herbs or spices, or even a small dollop of olive oil or butter. This recipe is a more luxurious dish, for a special occaision, or simply to complement a strong flavored course or sauce (like the silky […]

Silky red wine & shallots sauce

I’ve wanted to make a red wine sauce for a long time, especially a sauce not requiring any butter, cream or milk, just to challenge myself. When Simon came home with fresh sturgeon from the farmer’s market, I became inspired. Actually, the root of the inspiration was a sturgeon dish I had at Café Beaujolais […]

Early-ish travel photos

I had uploaded these travel pictures some time ago, but only now remembered to “announce” them. The trip to the Philippines in early 1997 marked my first overseas venture. I used my then-falling apart, now-defunct Ricoh SLR camera. I originally digitized the pictures with a flatbed scanner (thanks, Jed!), but I’d like to redo it […]

Upgraded veryplaintxt theme for WordPress

After over three weeks of tweaking and testing, I’ve upgraded the WordPress theme for this site. As mentioned earlier, the theme is a customized variant of Scott Wallick’s excellent veryplaintxt v3.0. The theme hacking took up much of my time for the past few weeks, hence the infrequent posts. (Fortunately faster than the several months […]

Mac OS X 3rd party applications to investigate

There are several helpful Mac OS X applications which I don’t use frequently. Sometimes I end up not needing to use them often, or I haven’t found the time to play with them much. Why bother mentioning these applications at all? Because they have potential to become essential tools on the Mac. (Well, on my […]