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Monthly Archives: February 1998

Alternative Press Expo 1998

I rarely go to conventions, but I recently went to the Alternative Press Expo (APE V) in San José. Exciting and draining to both my system and pocketbook. If possible, will be there again next year. Now I have a pile of books to plow through; a couple already made it to my favorites list, […]

Roasted Chestnuts

One of those ephemeral pleasures of winter. I wonder if they have to import them to California. When selecting chestnuts, make sure they’re dry, dense and firm. Soft ones might indicate mold or rotting. How to roast chestnuts Preheat oven to 450F degrees. Wipe off any dirt. Using a strong, sharp knife (e.g., a good […]

Baked Salmon with Fennel

Fennel bulb has a tangy, slight licorice flavor (but not overwhelmingly so) which goes nicely with fish. Sometimes I add a bit of minced garlic with the olive oil and wine mixture.

Sally Lunn bread

This is a rich, slightly sweet bread. Could this be a British variation of brioche? It’s perfect for breakfast or tea, and leftovers are yummy when toasted. Although this bread is yeast based and requires time to raise twice, it’s a batter bread which doesn’t need kneading.

Porcini Mushroom Pasta

Dried (then reconstituted) porcini adds the bulk of flavor to this pasta dish. For the fresh mushrooms, you can use the common button mushrooms, creminis, portabellos, oyster, even chanterelles would work nicely. But you probably don’t want to compete with the porcini by using a stronger flavored mushroom like shiitake or morels.

Sweet Sticky Rice with Tropical Fruit

This dessert is still good to eat even without fruit… Ripe mangoes are best, but bananas and papayas would work. Wonderful memories of Filipino food!

Apricot Tart

This was inspired by a recipe from one my former coworkers at SGI, Kyrie Robinson, who originally used plums. It’s more a cakey dessert, rather than a tart with the more traditional crisp shell of short pastry. I much prefer apricots, though sweet white peaches could work here as well.

Hot Apple Cider

Ingredients 1 gallon apple cider 2 cinnamon sticks, each about 2 inches long 8 cloves 8 whole allspice 1 lemon, sliced Method Pour the apple cider into a large enough pot. Put the spices into a tea caddy (eases straining), and place in the cider. Add the lemon slices, too. Heat the cider; it should […]

My Mother’s Pancakes

Serve these pancakes with butter, pure maple syrup (my favorite!) or fruit preserves. You can store leftover pancakes in the refrigerator for a day or two, and reheat them in a microwave oven. I ought to try substituting crème fraîche and lowfat plain yogurt for the sour cream.

Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce

This sauce is so flavorful that you don’t need to add any cheese! This recipe yields about 2 quarts. My apologies for the huge time range when simmering the sauce down: it depends on how watery (or pasty) the tomatoes are, and your desired thickness. Don’t be deterred by the large amount of garlic. As […]