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Cherry soup

The season for fresh cherries is coming to an end here in the Bay Area, so I came up with this cherry soup recipe. I’ve always found fruit soups intriguing, especially after reading descriptions in Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant and Chez Panisse Fruit. Many thanks to Simon for the pretty swirl. They might seem […]

Fresh pea soup with leeks & mint

It’s now the peak of the pea season in our backyard. For me it’s the sweet announcement that Spring has arrived. Peapod from Climbing Sugar Snap. I have bad memories of split-pea soup from childhood. Pasty, with chunks of nasty ham. Blech. But soup made from fresh peas? That is a completely different creature.

Chicken rice soup for a cold

Or, rather, for the cold which has been haranguing me for nearly two weeks. This soup is quite simple: Throw rice into a pot of chicken stock, then simmer until done. The small amount of rice expands into a remarkably generous serving! Depending on your taste, you can additional spices or veggies. The basic recipe […]

Comfort Noodles

Comfort Noodles is the name we gave this soup: To comfort you on cold days and nights, to comfort you when having a cold. This recipe was inspired by phở gà, Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, and ramen. Oddly, I haven’t made this yet using ramen noodles. Spaghetti works easily since I almost always have it […]

Cream of Mushroom Soup

I enjoy a good creamy mushroom soup, preferably not from a can. The secret here is sautéing the mushrooms so that they become browned and aromatic. The addition of wine, almonds and thyme make the soup so rich and tasty for me that cream is optional.

Vegetable Stock

To be used in soups as well as a broth added to grain dishes and whatnot. You’ll definitely need to add salt when using it later, since none is added here. Make sure all of the vegetables have been cleaned of dirt.

Tom Kha Gai: Thai chicken coconut soup

My version of the popular Thai chicken coconut soup. You can substitute shrimp or chunks of fish for the chicken.