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Shrimp salad

Sandwich fillings and creamy salads seem to suffer from ennui, becoming almost annoyingly boring with tired combinations of ingredients —at least in most cafés and grocery stores. One thing I enjoy about traveling is other countries’ (or regions’) takes on such commonly eaten items. In the UK, for instance, they often have interesting fillings such […]

Basic bread recipe for sandwiches and focaccia (and pizza)

It’s been years since I baked yeast-based breads. Glad I’ve picked up the habit again! Having focaccia to snack on, or just a decent loaf for sandwiches, makes for comforting (not to mention tastier and fresher) eats. The dough is versatile, so I also use it for pizzas. Three cookbooks aided me in my rediscovery […]

Egg Salad Spread

Good for sandwiches, crackers and the like.