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Not-really-graham crackers

Even as a child, I’ve enjoyed graham crackers…and I love graham crack crusts in cheese cakes and pies. Thing is, this particular recipe does not contain graham flour. However, it is flexible in terms of flavorings: Although I almost always use cinnamon, you can also throw in ginger powder, cloves, allspice, cardamon, or whatever spices […]

Hazelnut financiers (also good with cashews)

Financiers (sometimes called friands) are a good way to use up egg whites, especially after a summer’s accumulation of making ice cream. Typically made with almond meal, I made these with a meal from roasted hazelnuts. Delicious. I also made another version with cashew meal, which were milder, but still tasty. In the future I […]

Even better orange chocolate chip cookies

Or, version 2.0 of chocolate chip cookies. Over the years, I’ve found version 1.0 a bit too flat (in texture), a bit too hard-chewy, and even a bit too bitter. I’ve found a better source of chocolate chips (Guittard’s baking wafers), and a great resource for hacking the recipe.

Pistachio tea cookies with orange blossom water and a hint of spice

The inspiration for these nutty-dusty-tender cookies come from Russian tea cakes I used to get many years ago in cafés. There are also called Mexican wedding cookies (or cakes). My version has a faintly Middle Eastern flavor, just to throw in another regional description. Though less sweet, uncoated cookies are still yummy.

Hazelnut shortbread

I’m not a fan of whole nuts or chunks of nuts in cookies, but sometimes I do enjoy ground up nuts in them. I’ve been toying with making a hazelnut variation of my whole wheat shortbread, but only recently made them. (Now that I have a kitchen again.)

Whole wheat shortbread

I have neglected to post an entry on cookies for nearly two years. I finally got around to making shortbread, so I no longer have an excuse.

Orange chocolate chip cookies

Making chocolate chip cookies is easy, and many recipes exist for this Ultimate of Snacks. Mine is a bit more “adult,” especially if you’re able to find similar ingredients. Darker, more molasses-y brown sugar offers a more deep, almost anise-like flavor (without being too much like licorice, though). Try to nab bittersweet chocolate chips, or […]

Creole Kisses

My aunt, Alice Schoen, a phenomenal cook, obtained this recipe from Shirley Krutilla “the Cookie Lady.” This is superior to typical American meringue cookies, as the brown sugar makes all the difference. The original calls for pecans, but here I use ground hazelnuts, which can be obtained by the bag from Trader Joe’s.