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A tutorial on using controlled vocabularies

As the last of the big projects in my Reference and Information Services course last semester, I created a (semi) interactive tutorial on understanding and using controlled vocabularies—specifically in the AGRICOLA database (freely searchable via USDA) and the Gale Virtual Reference Library encyclopedia (commercial, subscription required).

Once again, some caveats:

  • This is my first publicly accessible tutorial, so yeah, not “perfect.” 😉
  • I used the Prezi desktop app during its free trial period, which I haven’t renewed. I won’t be editing it anytime soon, unless I wind up using Prezi more often (or, revisiting this topic with more tutorials).
  • The tutorial is not comprehensive: I don’t cover all the well known types of vocabulary structures (taxonomies, semantic web, ontologies); I stick mostly with thesauri here re: two kinds of online resources. Again, it’d be cool to revisit, but I don’t know when.
  • Unless you’re using Prezi’s mobile app, it requires Flash. Fwiw, the tutorial ran as expected when I viewed it on iOS.
  • Navigation and audiovisual playback might be a bit wonky. I prefer to use left and right arrows to step through the tutorial, but ymmv. Prezi might have fixed those issues by now.
  • I hope it is useful!

Prezi tutorial controlled vocab