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An annotated bibliography of California horticulture resources

Here is another project for the reference and information services course: An annotated bibliography of California horticulture resources for librarians, located at In addition to being a handy tool for reference librarians, I wanted to created this because of my interest in gardens and botany.

Again, some caveats:

  • This bib is aimed mainly at librarians who work in academic or special collection organizations. Some of the language is LIS-y. For instance, I use the term subscriptions to refer to paid (non-free) resources like serials (journals, magazines) and databases.
  • I’d love to continue to maintain this bib—especially for corrections and additions relevant sources. But because of my schedule, I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update it.
  • This uses Wikidot’s platform, currently with a free account. This means you might sometimes see ads near the top of the pages.
  • Wikidot is generally for creating wikis, and those sometimes offer collaboration. However, I have turned off editing and comments, due to scheduling and the bib’s objective as a tool rather than a forum.