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Monthly Archives: September 2009

More photos of nature-y things and house fix-ups from last year

Finally got around to updating the online gallery, which includes: Resident Scrub-jay and lizard, having made themselves comfortable here this past spring and summer. My first uploads of insect pictures, including a green dragonfly and sleepy bees. Even more flowers: more Gilias, more Clarkias, Penstemon and Mimulus, Cistus, and a mondo sunflower. Garage improvements and […]

Tomato chutney

Seven years ago we tried to make tomato chutney, and I was so disappointed by it that I haven’t bothered to attempt it again, until recently. Madhur Jaffrey’s book, World of the East Vegetarian Cooking, offers several variations on this tart condiment, and encouraged me to try again. That, and a desire to use up […]

Rice cooker porridge

I’ve been stuck with a bug that is slow to go away. But I think I’ve found an edible weapon: rice porridge made in the cooker. Or, perhaps a better name might be not-quite-insta-pseudo jook. Either way, it’s easy and tasty.

Whole wheat shortbread

I have neglected to post an entry on cookies for nearly two years. I finally got around to making shortbread, so I no longer have an excuse.