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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Optionally upside down apricot cake

During the peak of last year’s plum season, Elise Bauer’s upside down cake recipe provided us with numerous delicious desserts. The apricots had been long gone, so I was eager to apply her excellent recipe to one of my favorite fruits. This year, it worked out quite well, thank you very much. Rightside-up upside down […]

The Grand Remodel: Resources, so far

Here are some remodeling resources, divided into organizations and books. It’s too early for me to lay down nitty-gritty advice on how to screen and handle designers and contractors. That might be more appropriate for a post-construction entry — y’know, after going through the experience? 🙂 Then again, I might omit much of that aspect […]

The Grand Remodel: The Prelude

After nearly a decade, we’ve decided it’s time. Time to rid ourselves of another eyesore in the house, the ill-conceived, strangely constructed-with-permits Backroom of Doom. But in reality this project is complex, because of how our place is arranged and our usage patterns. Thus it deserves a more honest title: the Big, Scary Remodel, including, […]

Sautéed fava beans with shallots

Yesterday I harvested the last of the fava beans (a.k.a., broad beans). This task reminded me of something: that I haven’t posted a recipe where said legume is the main ingredient. I’ve long been inspired by an appetizer, foul moukala, that we had at a Lebanese restaurant, Al Waha — all the way in Bayswater, […]