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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Hot bird action

Unfortunately, the title of this entry is quite literal: Last week a hawk died in our neighborhood. As the poor thing expired, it managed to take out a transformer and blow a power line —rendering our block powerless until dinnertime. It had (the remains of) a squirrel, so one theory was that as the squirrel […]

Conjunctional salad: Couscous (or) quinoa with nuts (and) fruit (and/or) vegetables

Pasta and grain salads have so much potential for variety! But the cold pesto pasta with mondo veggo chunks, or the soggy tabbouli, are often uninspired. Then Robert and Sonya introduced me to the joy of couscous with fruits and nuts. Sooo gooooood. Recently I made a quinoa salad with similar ingredients: Juice for tartness, […]


Last month Kam was clearing out a bunch of her comics, and while going through the boxes, I came upon five later issues of Scott McCloud’s Zot! Seeing them reminded me that I had only the first three graphic novels (the only three Kitchen Sink Press published before they went down the sink), and had […]

Cinequest 2008

This is the first year we decided to not see any of the shorts collections at Cinequest. Instead we watched five films from around the globe. So how did the 18th Annual San José Film Festival go? The Aerial (La Antena). Directed by Esteban Sapir, Argentina 2006, black and white. In the City, oppressively controlled […]

Bathroom remodel from… a couple years ago

For years we lived with a bathroom that I called the Pink Horror. No ventilation (other than the window and door), a rotten (literally) paint job done by the house seller, and pink tiles. I hate the color pink, and Pepto-Bismo Pink just ain’t gonna be an exception. Before bathroom remodel.

Neighborhood bird watching list

I know I’ll continue my habit of writing lists on bits of paper, but I thought it’d be useful to maintain an online list of the birds I’ve seen in our neighborhood. I’ve limited this to visitors to our yards and the nearby park. “Birders, are ye?” Well, I prefer the term bird watching, mainly […]

What to do with pomegranate molasses?

On an impulse, I purchased a bottle of pomegranate molasses. It’s pomegranate juice concentrate, with no added sugar, and pours like ketchup. It’s not a bright magenta, or red like fresh pomegranates, or grenadine; more of a maroon-brown. It’s very tart and somewhat sweet —prolly nowhere near as sharp as unsweetened passionfruit purée. It reminds […]