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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Worst writing boo-boo’s boobooes typos

Eegad, once again I sent off an email with a word missing, making my message sound ambiguous. As well as just plain sloppy. The compulsive ferret in my brain pushes me to send yet another email with the corrections. And so it goes, even with published webpages such as blog posts. Lorelle’s encouraging Blogging Challenge […]

Birds in Winter (and a squirrel)

In autumn and winter the birds arrive from the north to keep us company. This typically means a lot of White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows around the yard, but my flagship migrator is the Yellow-rumped Warbler. Or, as Simon and I call them, Yellow-butts. For their 2007 arrival, I first noticed them on the (easily remembered) […]

Sneaky invisible characters

While I attempted to upload the previous entry on MAMP, MarsEdit kept giving me the following error: Can’t post for because the server reported an error: parse error, not well formed. Again, searching through a forum helped. 🙂 The poorly formed content, in this case an unwanted invisible character, prevented MarsEdit from uploading the […]

Workaround for when MAMP fails to stop or start

Last night there were several brownouts, which may or may not affected how my laptop slept. A rare sleep disorder causes problems when waking up: Right after opening my machine, it spontaneously reboots rather than, er, staying awake. This occurred only once or twice in the past year, but when it did, MAMP passed away […]

Hazelnut frosting made from praline spread

Mmmm, hazelnuts. Hazelnuts ground up and used in fillings for truffles, cakes, ice cream, chocolate spreads like Nutella. Mmmuh. Hazelnut products aren’t too popular around here (defined as California, United States), which is sad. It’s more difficult to find things like hazelnut pastes and butters. One time I purchased some hazelnut butter, I think it […]