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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Upgrade to Leopard

Last week I upgraded my laptop from Tiger to Leopard. The process went quite smoothly. Backed up to an external firewire drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. Restarted with Leopard disk, and selected Archive and Install. Customized the installation by deselecting X11, most of the languages, and all but the Canon and Lexmark printer drivers. (Sheez, […]

Dustiness: WordPress upgraded to 2.3.1

So. I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 2.3.1, finally. A few dust flurries remain: No longer have the fanschy-schmancy archive Ajaxy thingie. Poor Extended Live Archives (ELA), its development has ground to a halt. (Hey, if anyone decides to work on it again, drop me a line. I might be keen to test it. I […]

Please hold…

Pardon the dust, or, more accurately, pardon any interruptions or interface oddity you might encounter. (Er, like the image thumbnail no longer appearing in the sidebar. Now fixed; bloody .htaccess issue again.) I’m currently testing various site upgrade and changes. WordPress has undergone a major update, and along with that several associated plugin changes. Wheee!

Back from the U.K.

Hiatus explanation: I’m back from vacation in the United Kingdom. We went to London, Cumbria (the Lakes District), Simon’s cousin’s wedding in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Edinburgh. Quite enjoyable, where the pluses greatly outweighed the minuses. Two-bit summaries below! Strange but pleasant observation upon returning home: I thought the 5.6M earthquake in San José would’ve at least […]