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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Tomato overload: Lazy tomato sauce

We planted three tomato plants back in early May. All of them are in one 6 foot by 9 foot bed —with the Sun Gold cherry tomato plant now taking over the entire bed. When I turn my back, another dozen orange globes fall to the ground. The poor Stupice and Early Girl are nearly […]

A general food meme

Haven’t posted a meme oriented entry ’till now. Considering this site’s content, it’s appropriate. I’m sure this meme has already made the rounds —just not with me. 😉 Yoinked from Kathleen. What are your favorite foods? So many! I’ll cheat and list (some of) my favorite cuisines: Californian, French, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern (e.g., […]

OpenID for comments in

I have played with OpenID on my test site, and it’s about time to make it available on You may now use your OpenIDs here for your comments! Many thanks to Jed and Kathleen for helping me out with testing. 😀 How to use OpenID here 1. First of all, you need an OpenID. […]

Coffee ice cream

Ah, coffee ice cream. It can be a challenge to make or find a good one: Sometimes too bitter, or too much grit. Sometimes too sweet. Sometimes too un-coffee-like in flavor due to strange freeze-dried coffee or espresso powders. Sometimes too weak in coffee flavor. But the recipe by Elise of Simply Recipes encouraged me […]

Student memories: Hummus topped with ground chicken & pine nuts

Back in school, my friends Ananda, Carolyn and I used to frequent a small Middle Eastern eatery in a half-empty strip mall in Pomona. Their hummus was divine: it came with either a swirl of paprika-infused olive oil or grilled meat, and a basket of warm pita bread. Sadly, according to Ananda, this dive no […]