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Popcorn soup: Posole with chile, onion & garlic

In spite of my lifelong exposure to Mexican food, I haven’t eaten posole (a.k.a., pozole) before. I love dishes made from masa (tamales!), and the lime-treated corn kernels which get ground into masa flour are also referred to as posole or hominy. The motivation for this recipe comes from Deborah Madison’s Posole with Red Chile […]

Apricot chutney

It sure doesn’t look like the first day of Spring. With the rain today, I worry that the apricot tree won’t set fruit this year. The vast majority of the blossoms are over, and most of the leaves have come out. That was fast; but then again, the blooming and fruiting periods of Blenheims are […]

Chili with chicken and chocolate

You can substitute ground turkey for the chicken. But don’t omit the chocolate —it’s the key to the flavor. While I discard the stems from the dried chile peppers (serrano and chipotle), I use the seeds as I savor that heat! 🙂 But feel free to discard the chile seeds, or even use a milder […]