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Mexican chocolate + coffee + cajeta ice cream

This ice cream has three strong flavors that work well together: Mexican chocolate, coffee, and cajeta (the latter is like dulce de leche, but made with goat’s milk). Before you think that this might be too overwhelming, consider how the roasted bitterness of the coffee, along with the tanginess of the cajeta, nicely complement the […]

Mexican chocolate brownies topped with pine nuts

I first encountered this brownie while perusing Sunset Magazine many years ago. Alice Medrich’s brownie recipes from Seriously Bitter Sweet (2013) also provided helpful measurement tips. Furthermore, I added a nice, warming kick of chile powder—i.e., ground dried red chile peppers, not the spice mix containing additions of cumin and oregano.

Popcorn soup: Posole with chile, onion & garlic

In spite of my lifelong exposure to Mexican food, I haven’t eaten posole (a.k.a., pozole) before. I love dishes made from masa (tamales!), and the lime-treated corn kernels which get ground into masa flour are also referred to as posole or hominy. The motivation for this recipe comes from Deborah Madison’s Posole with Red Chile […]

Chili with chicken and chocolate

You can substitute ground turkey for the chicken. But don’t omit the chocolate —it’s the key to the flavor. While I discard the stems from the dried chile peppers (serrano and chipotle), I use the seeds as I savor that heat! 🙂 But feel free to discard the chile seeds, or even use a milder […]