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Apricot chutney

It sure doesn’t look like the first day of Spring. With the rain today, I worry that the apricot tree won’t set fruit this year. The vast majority of the blossoms are over, and most of the leaves have come out. That was fast; but then again, the blooming and fruiting periods of Blenheims are […]

Apricot blossoms!

One of the biggest attractions of our garden is the old apricot tree in the backyard. Our neighborhood used to be part of one the (formerly) many apricot orchards in the Santa Clara Valley. This thirty-plus (forty-plus?) year old tree is one the few sad, beautiful reminders of that era.

Apricot Tart

This was inspired by a recipe from one my former coworkers at SGI, Kyrie Robinson, who originally used plums. It’s more a cakey dessert, rather than a tart with the more traditional crisp shell of short pastry. I much prefer apricots, though sweet white peaches could work here as well.