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Using, hacking and discussing software.

Splogger slimeys

I haven’t found a good tool (or set of tools) that deters blog scrapers. That is, short of trying to manually block them the “old fashioned” way by adding filters to a server’s .htaccess, or submitting to an online anti-splog database (see last paragraph). The problem with the .htaccess route is that maintaining a list […]

Extended Live Archives (ELA) plugin works, finally

It’s sad when a useful tool becomes rusty and is then abandoned. I liked how the Extended Live Archives plugin (ELA) for WordPress very neatly arranged my archives page. ELA stopped functioning with version 2.3 of the blog application. However, thanks to TinYau (天佑) and Jason Hansen, their efforts made ELA finally work with the […]

Finally upgraded my theme…

Another hiatus ended! Two sets of reasons: Quite a bit of on-then-off-then-on-again housework being done within the last few months, which caused some schedule chaos. (But: New bookshelves in the living room! New garage door! Ancient, hazardous gas heater finally removed! New storage loft in garage!) And then I decided to not post another entry […]

iPhone note & checklist apps (Part 1, likely)

I’ve decided to limit this article to note and checklist (to-do) applications for the iPhone that are free. I might cover similar non-free productivity apps in a later entry, such as SplashShopper, or Yojimbo if BareBones release an iPhone app. My list below might seem short, considering there are a multitude of to-do list apps. […]

Seeking iPhone apps for lists & notes, plus the inevitable Pain of Palm

The Search for iPhone applications Has Begun! First up is replacing the Palm Memos (notes) and checklist tools. While these are usually labeled as productivity apps, I really don’t need full-blown project management, like with a Getting Things Done (GTD) app. Nor do I need to-do lists that’ll sync up with, because I’d rather […]

Hello iPhone …and hello extraneous iCal notes?!

In my usual late-adopter fashion, I only recently made the move to an iPhone 3G from a Palm Treo 650. (The change was precipitated by worry over more frequent Treo crashes, chronic dissatisfaction with syncing, and a growing annoyance with Verizon’s website —rather than from Shiny Gadget Curiosity. Obviously, such Curiosity is now amply present!) […]

Issues with updated WordPress plugins

A bunch of WordPress plugins I use have been recently updated. For the most part, updating went smoothly and the newer versions remain shiny and useful. Alas, confusion cropped up with a few of ’em: CyStats, Filosofo Comments Preview (vs. WP-OpenID), Redirection, Search Everything, and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP).

Detailed Zenphoto upgrade steps

While the Zenphoto has great support, I’ve found the upgrade instructions slightly lacking for my own needs. So I’ve written up detailed steps for upgrading Zenphoto, which should work with version 1.1.6 and onward. (Unless the backend of the upgrading process changes significantly in the future, of course.)

Removed WP accounts

Because I no longer require user registration, I finally removed all Subscriber accounts on this site. You should still be able to leave comments, of course, as well as subscribe via the feeds. (My comment policy otherwise remains the same.)

Blissfully smooth WordPress 2.5 upgrade

Upgrading from WordPress 2.3.x to 2.5 was as smooth as silk. No joke, I made only a few of core changes, but they were on the level of trivial tweaks: Upload my preferred set of /wp-includes/images/smilies/. Modify /wp-includes/functions.php to recognize said custom smilies. Change /wp-includes/category-template.php to say articles instead of topics for title tips while […]