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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pistachio tea cookies with orange blossom water and a hint of spice

The inspiration for these nutty-dusty-tender cookies come from Russian tea cakes I used to get many years ago in cafés. There are also called Mexican wedding cookies (or cakes). My version has a faintly Middle Eastern flavor, just to throw in another regional description. Though less sweet, uncoated cookies are still yummy.

Bread pudding with apples

I had a bread disaster, using a starved sourdough starter for a Sally Lunn. The bread came out rubbery. In spite of that texture, it was filled with bubbles, so not a complete brick. Bread pudding ended up a great way to repurpose the failed Sally Lunn. I’ve always enjoyed the pudding from the Station […]

Books read in 2009

Thus a round-up of books read in 2009. Late in coming, I know; I blame the remodeling. O:-) Comics Fiction Non-fiction Art monographs Unfinished Once again, I’ve marked recommended titles with the lightbulb icon, 💡 .