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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hazelnut shortbread

I’m not a fan of whole nuts or chunks of nuts in cookies, but sometimes I do enjoy ground up nuts in them. I’ve been toying with making a hazelnut variation of my whole wheat shortbread, but only recently made them. (Now that I have a kitchen again.)

Updated ongoing comics entry

I’ve added (and removed) comics from my list of ongoing comics I read. Unsurprisingly, mostly involving manga, as those series tend to be finite (yay! boo!). I’m slowly updating my previously read comics lists as well, most notably pointing out ones I highly recommend. I’ll also need to check for obsolete links, as well as […]

The Grand Remodel: Remaining bits and bobs

Did you think we’d be finished finished? Ho, ho, ho, no, because tweaks and projects never really end for a home. We still have our own set of tasks we’d like to complete by, oh, sometime this year: Furniture. We need a sofa, a dining table, and MOAR chairs. Window blinds. Including one for the […]